Innovations in Vannado - how does one of the largest Polish manufacturers sell its motorhomes online?

Innovations in Vannado - how does one of the largest Polish manufacturers sell its motorhomes online? – main image

Vannado is a Polish company that produces beautiful motorhomes made of selected natural materials. It deals not only with their production, but also with direct sales throughout the European Union - for customers who require quality, functionality and, above all, unique design. In today's article, we'll talk about the innovations at Vannado that allow you to use their premium camper vans even more comfortably. We encourage you to read! Enjoy reading.

What is innovation as understood by Vannado?

Innovation, as understood by Vannado, is primarily a solution to the problems of the so-called end-user problems that have not yet been addressed by available products. It is also about dealing with specific shortcomings in a way that enables easier, cheaper and prettier implementation. It is also worth mentioning that the innovation is additionally based on the use of a sales process in the company other than the current one on the market (e.g. contact with the client or even restructuring the team), which solves many problems for both the end user and facilitates processes inside the company

The most important innovations in Vannado - what's new for us and our customers? [TOP 5 solutions]

  1. innovations in the sales process,

  2. innovations in team organization,

  3. innovations in the production process,

  4. innovations in ecology,

  5. product innovations.

Below are the details.

1. Innovation in the sales process

Camper vans - Vannado

Innovations in the sales process implemented by Vannado:

Direct Selling

We operate on the basis of direct sales. We do not cooperate with dealers in Poland and abroad so far. This means that the client works directly with us and we know our product best. For comparison - other companies have their representatives (up to a dozen in one country).

Online configurator

To sell directly, we have developed an online motorhome configurator (as the only or one of the few companies in Europe). Similar to what car manufacturers have on their websites. The customer can independently create and price his own vehicle.

Wirtual walk

In order to shorten the distance to the customer (especially those from outside Poland) who cannot see our motorhome with their own eyes, we have created a virtual walk. On a computer or smartphone screen, you can navigate around the car, open and close cabinets, move seats and test other interactions with the equipment in our cars. The virtual walk can also be done in VR glasses (you can also change the color of furniture and wood finish).

Whole vehicle approvals

Thanks to the contracts signed with car manufacturers, we are able to obtain full vehicle approvals. It also involves easier car registration abroad - thanks to this, we can bypass dealers and sell entire motorhomes online. Our partners are Mercedes, MAN, VW, Ford.

Seamless and constant contact

Thanks to direct work, the client has contact with people working in the production of motorhomes . He gets photos of the process and is in constant contact with the team during production. A motorhome is a unique product for every owner. When we see how it is being created, we can not only suggest subtle changes but simply participate in the whole process. It's an experience that only a few manufacturers around the world can offer.

2. Innovation in team organization

Motorhome construction - Vannado

Innovations in team organization implemented by Vannado:

Self-organizing teams

The entire 24-person squad is based on self-organizing teams. Many of our principles are derived from the SCRUM and Agile methodology often used in technological startups. Each person has a role assigned to them and a very large possibility of independent decision-making within a specific role. Thanks to this, management is distributed, not centralized. Everyone knows that their decisions have a big impact on the functioning of the company.

Universal access to information in the company

Everyone in the company has access to information. This applies to both financial and sales data as well as our plans. In combination with the organization of independent teams, this gives the opportunity to use the ideas and potentials of each of us. We are not a one-man theatre, but a harmonious team that together pursues a clearly defined goal.

3. Innovations in the production process

Construction of motorhomes - Vannado

Self-sufficient assembly stations

The production line was developed on the basis of self-sufficient assembly stations equipped with all tools and its own separate warehouse. The parts used at a given station are located 6 m from the car, each team is responsible for the inventory.

Automation of the production process of building elements

The automated production process of building elements was based on modern technologies. It is primarily the high quality of every detail and the repeatability required by the manufacturers of base cars with whom we work directly

Modern software that manages the production process

Each employee has access to software that manages the production process. So he can invent and introduce changes in the production process. Those people who are closest to this process know best how to improve it.

Individually developed projects

We produce practically everything that is possible on the basis of individually developed projects. Thanks to direct cooperation with MAN, Mercedes, Ford, we have access to vehicle data and 3D files. On professional machines (including carpentry machines, vacuum presses, CNC machine tools, 3D printers) we make furniture and other elements ourselves. Thanks to this, we watch over the entire process and can quickly introduce changes and necessary innovations.

4. Innovations in ecology

Campervan from Vannado

Innovations in ecology implemented by Vannado:

Reduction of plywood consumption

Thanks to the automatic production of the entire car, we reduce the consumption of plywood used for the production of the bodywork, thus minimizing waste. We produce on time and do not store the so-called semi-finished products.

Reusing materials

As much as 30% of the weight of the parts can be reused or recycled at the end of the product's life cycle.

The use of natural materials

The use of selected natural materials, including wood veneers and Forbo wood flour floors. They are distinguished primarily by their ecological and natural character, which is an important value for many customers.

Ecological composting toilets

Ecological composting toilets help to minimize the impact on the environment. They operate on the principle of a natural process of decomposition of organic waste, which turns into natural fertilizers. As a consequence, they do not require connection to the sewage system or water supply, which allows you to use them independently in virtually any conditions. They are available as an option on all production models.

5. Product innovations

Motorhome on a bus - Vannado

Less weight of the camper van body

Reducing the weight of the camper van body by using slimmed down modular furniture and the lightest plywood on the market. The camper body for 2 people can only weigh 280 kg. This also translates into the ecological aspect.

Energy independence

Energy independence related to the possibility of spending any time on the road without using external power sources. This was achieved through the appropriate selection of electrical installation elements and utility devices (refrigerator, heating, etc.). However, independence is not possible without an efficient solar panel system (up to 600 W) and the ability to charge the hotel battery from the car's alternator. All these solutions are standard in every model.

Motorhome for 5 or even 6 people

In Vannado campervans will be available for up to 5 or 6 people. In the new Patagonia model, we have designed the possibility of easily mounting additional seats to the sliding rails. We have also designed 6 comfortable sleeping places for adults.

Resistance to negative temperatures

Vannado in all its serial models (Alaska, Karakoram 4×4, and soon Patagonia) as an option, performs a fully winter body. What does it mean? That you can safely live in this car for weeks at temperatures as low as -25°C and use all its devices without fear. This is possible thanks to the installation of all water tanks inside the vehicle, the installation of insulated windows, the distribution of heating to 6 outlets, the insulation of the sleeping roof.

Innovations in Vannado - summary

Motorhome construction team - Vannado

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