Just like home. Camper Flex body on Volkswagen T6

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What makes a car a second home? Of course the equipment! Having a bus, we can make it serve us as a family and company car during the week, while during holidays and holidays it turns into a real motorhome. All thanks to the Camper Flex body.

refrigerator .

What is the load capacity of the vehicle with the Camper Flex body?

Much depends on the equipment of the base model of the vehicle and the body. For example, the basic model of Volkswagen T6 in the short version together with the Camper Flex body in the basic version has about 600 kg of load capacity. If such a vehicle is equipped with the optional sleeper roof, the sleeping load capacity is up to approximately 500 kg.


However, the above values apply to the basic version of the vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 2,800 kg. When ordering the 3,000 kg or 3,200 kg version, the payload can be increased to 1,000 kg. Our bodies are made on the basis of the highest quality components from reputable companies. The furniture is made of light plywood intended for the production of motorhomes.

Does the car's bodywork deteriorate the driving properties?

Due to the very meticulous care of the weight of the body and the appropriate weight distribution in the vehicle, in our opinion, the motorhomes produced by us do not have worse driving properties than factory cars. Of course, it should be borne in mind that a car that has a load, in this case a body weighing several hundred kg, will be driven a bit differently than a completely empty tin plate.

Does the aerodynamics of the vehicle change as a result of installing the Camper Flex body?

The optional sleeper roof has an integrated front spoiler, which ensures perfect aerodynamics. The only element negatively affecting this aspect may be the optional awning.


In our offer, however, we have various models of awnings, including less extensive ones that have small dimensions or those that can be dismantled in a few minutes when we are not going to use them.

Can you disassemble the bodywork yourself, without any special tools?

The customer can dismantle the table, seats placed in the rail system and the bed from the built-in system by himself, which allows for free space on about 3/4 of the built-in space.

How long does it take to dismantle the bodywork and bring the car to its "initial" state?

Assembly / disassembly of the table and seats takes only a few to several seconds. Assembling / disassembling the bed takes about 3-4 minutes.

How many people will be able to live in the car after the furniture is assembled?

4 people can comfortably travel in our motorhome with Camper Flex. Two sleeping places are offered as standard. Up to 4 people can sleep when the optional SCA self-leveling roof is installed. After installing the sleeping roof, we also have the option of standing in the vehicle.

How long does it take to install the Camper Flex body?

About 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost to install such a building?

Prices start from PLN 64,000 gross. From time to time, we announce promotions in our company that allow for the implementation of buildings at special prices. This year, we are announcing a promotional campaign that will be valid during the Motor Show in Poznań.

All people who decide to place an order during the fair will receive a 10% discount on the built-in and its options. If you choose a new base vehicle, the discount is set individually, but we also provide promotional prices here.


Can we choose any elements of the development (individually) or do we have to choose the whole set?

We only provide complete bodies, so the standard equipment of the Camper Flex body is the minimum to be ordered.

What colors are the furniture available in?

There are several color versions. The customer can choose the color of the wall finishing: gray, black or cream, and the color of the furniture: graphite, white, cream or nut. You can mix colors. Of course, when choosing a new base vehicle, the customer can choose its color from the Volkswagen palette, engine, drive (2x4 or 4x4), gearbox and a number of options that are in the manufacturer's offer.

Is it possible to buy a finished car with a body in Wavecamper?

Yes, it is possible. Wavecamper also helps in arranging financing in cooperation with mLeasing. After the conversion, the company also arranges for the vehicle to be re-designated from a passenger car or a truck to a special camping vehicle.

Do you advise when choosing a car to which the Camper Flex body is to be ultimately mounted?

We always recommend that you use our advice when setting up a new base vehicle or when purchasing a used one. When it comes to new cars, our company has special purchase prices for such cars.


Does the car have to be equipped with any special elements or any elements of equipment - is it not worth making a decision when buying a car?

Thank you for the interview.

Attention! Premiere!

We are pleased to announce that you will be able to see the Camper Flex bodywork with your own eyes during the fast-approaching Motor Show in Poznań, which will take place on March 28-31, 2019. The company announces the premiere of a motorhome with a new type of Camper Flex body on the vehicle VW T6 short version.

Camper Flex made such a big impression on us that we decided to buy a car equipped with this body.

We cordially invite you to hall 15, where we will exhibit together with the Wavecamper. If you are interested in the Camper Flex bodywork, you will be able to talk to specialists who will certainly provide you with all the information about it.

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