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LMC - a German manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans, decided to surprise its customers for the new season, and at the same time cause a little stress on its numerous competitors. In 2017, the popular Breezer Lift model will be offered fully equipped as standard.

How do you get your customers' attention when the competition is so fierce? LMC has more and more strong arguments. The basic one is the fact that currently all caravans and campers of this brand are marked with the Long Life Technology symbol. Behind this name is a modern, although more and more commonly used construction, from which wooden elements have been eliminated and laminates were used, including GRP . On the other hand, polystyrene was replaced with polystyrene foam ( XPS ). As a result, we get a vehicle with good insulation, and at the same time resistant to moisture and hail.


A motorhome controlled by a smartphone

Semi-integrated LMC Breezer Lift motorhomes also have such a structure. These vehicles are only offered in two layouts. The 607 model is 699 cm long and the 737 G is 736 cm long . Both cars have a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons and lowered beds at the front. In the rear, the 607 has a double bed and the 737 G has two single beds. Apart from these details, the interior layouts are similar . Particularly noteworthy is the shower cabin, separate from the toilet part.

Today, however, the interiors of many motorhomes of different brands are very similar to each other, so you need to stand out with something else. In the case of the Breezer Lift model, the manufacturer focused on extensive standard equipment, which must be ordered elsewhere additionally, paying dearly for the next packages.

The most important innovation is the iBusConnect available free of charge . It is a system that allows you to control many devices in the motorhome using a smartphone or tablet . So we can sit comfortably in the armchair and at the same time set the heating or air conditioning, check the battery charge or the degree of filling of the water and sewage tanks.


Standard equipment includes a well-equipped L-shaped kitchen with a hood and a 140-liter refrigerator . The car is prepared for the installation of satellite TV, roof air conditioning and solar batteries. A large skylight and an awning are also standard.

For those who would like to retrofit their vehicle with additional elements, there is a winter package (including a heated floor) and a garage package (including additional garage doors and a storage system). An automatic gearbox and more powerful engine versions (the basic one is 130 HP) are also offered at an additional cost.

Trailer "all inclusive"

If someone would like a rich standard equipment, but prefer a caravan to a motorhome, he should be interested in the Maestro 513 E model. The vehicle is 773 cm long and is designed for four people. Two fixed beds that can be joined together to make one double.

Thanks to the sliding door , the sleeping area can be separated from the bathroom and the living room, where you can arrange a double bed. The permissible total weight of the trailer is 1800 kg.


Cheaper, but is it cheap?

Lastly, we have saved the prices. LMC says that if all additional equipment were to be ordered separately, the price of the Breezer motorhome would be 12,000. euro higher . However, despite the promised savings, the base price of the vehicle is certainly not among the lowest on the market at EUR 64,990 (in Germany) for the shorter model. A special version of the Maestro trailer costs 28,390 euros .

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