Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus

Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – main image

The 2022 model year is another breath of freshness for the Morelo brand, and the Loft series continues to lead the premium class as the object of desire among fans of the XL format. This is a perfect compromise between the functionality and comfort of huge "liners" and the agility of more compact designs. In the latest version, it looks even more elegant and spacious. Today we will take a look at the Loft 82LB model in a really well-thought-out configuration - the one chosen by an experienced traveler who does not compromise on independence on the road and who values comfort, while at the same time valuing mobility and compactness of the structure. Welcome on board!

Technologically refined

Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 1

The car is factory homologated for 4 people and offers a wide range of active safety features: electric handbrake, emergency braking assistant, active cruise control, lane keeping assistant, ESP with Traction Plus system and electronic tire pressure control. Stability on the road is improved by the front axle widened by 20 cm. LED lighting at the front and rear is rather obvious, but the ones in Morelo are incredibly beautifully designed and blend in with the body in a phenomenal way. The technological refinement is especially visible in the suspension and chassis. The pneumatic suspension of the rear and front axles allows us to smoothly overcome unevenness (especially transverse ones), level the car during short stops or modulate the height of the rear when entering, for example, a ferry. Another extremely useful piece of equipment is the automatic leveling system when standing still. The integrated digital "level" will ensure the perfect positioning of the vehicle and will allow you to function inside without the so-called "rocking" caused by e.g. wind or movement on the deck.

A palace for four

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A bright interior in LIFE/ARALIE colors combined with white eco-leather on the walls and Cashmere furniture fronts (light gray with gloss and a chrome stripe), as well as light natural leather upholstery give a feeling of lightness and space, which makes the vehicle inside the middle gives a sense of space and timeless beauty. Inside it's like a palace. The driver can feel like a king on a special, comfortable pneumatic seat (covered with leather, of course). Above the living room with an "L"-shaped sofa and a side sofa at the entrance there is a double foldable bed measuring 130x200 cm. The bedroom at the back consists of two single beds measuring 106x200 cm each. In addition to plenty of space for storing supplies and preparing meals, the kitchen also offers a two-compartment refrigerator and a microwave with a grill function placed above it.
The huge rear trunk lids measure 115X95 cm on both sides, which allows you to fit whatever your heart desires.

Independence with a capital "N"

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A total of three lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 210 Ah each are a huge reservoir of energy unmatched even in optional configurations of many manufacturers. The on-board power plant is charged by a battery consisting of 4 solar panels, 130W each. A huge 120-liter LPG tank with a level display significantly extends the possibility of being off-grid at low temperatures. A 200-litre holding tank equipped with a shredder allows you to reduce the frequency of service stops. ALDE 3000 gas-electric heating is the best solution for such a large vehicle. Once you have tasted the comfort of underfloor heating in the living room and bathroom, you will not want to live without this convenience.

Electronics and multimedia without compromise

Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 4

Our safety will be ensured by alarms - gas and zone alarms with interior monitoring. The cab is equipped with a GARMIN multimedia and navigation system with a 10-inch display connected to two WAECO Perfect View reversing cameras. Additionally, we have reversing sensors AND a 360-degree (omnidirectional) camera! Observing the camper's surroundings from a bird's eye view makes maneuvering child's play. Entertainment can be provided by the OYSTER 85 satellite dish and two TVs with a capacity of 32 inches (living room) and 27 inches (bedroom). The TV in the living room is lowered electrically under the window on the passenger side and equipped with a dedicated soundbar. An LTE router with WiFi propagation and a double external antenna will ensure connection with the outside world.

For the "liner" class, it is a truly compact proposition. Our hero is only 858 cm long, 240 cm wide and 341 cm high. The base here is the Iveco 75 with a GVW of up to 7,450 kg (with a special suspension package), and the load capacity of this particular model is as much as 1,030 kg - and this is after taking into account all additional equipment.

Morelo camper rental

If you are considering buying a Morelo camper and would like to rent it and test it in advance, in Skawina near Krakow there is the first Morelo camper rental in Poland, run by Trans-Al Rentals.

Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 1
Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 2
Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 3
Morelo Loft 82LB - a compact colossus – image 4
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