New products of the Pilote group 2019 - check it out!

New products of the Pilote group 2019 - check it out! – main image

Are you waiting for the Motor Show 2019? We are already shuffling our feet at the very thought of this event. A small foretaste of the whole event are new products from the Pilote group, which are slowly starting to appear on the square at Wołczyńska Street. The New Year collection is something everyone is waiting for impatiently. For this reason, we have decided to present you a little foretaste of what will be available at the Motor Show in March. What was interesting in the novelties of 2019? What changes and additional options can we count on? Check on your own!

Integrated and semi-integrated vehicles

In integrated vehicles, i.e. those in which the bodywork is integrated with the cab, there have been many significant changes. First of all, the manufacturer has managed to slim down the motorhomes by as much as 60 kilograms, which means that they have a greater load capacity. This allows travelers to install additional accessories.


Besides, you don't have to worry about exceeding the permissible total weight now. What's more, in integrated vehicles, the technical space has been given an additional layer, thanks to which the thermal insulation has been increased. This makes the cars even better adapted to travel in the autumn and winter period.

In this type of models, an additional convenience has been introduced, i.e. a service hatch on the side of the vehicle. Thanks to this, all the necessary elements are located in one point. These include, for example, a fresh water inlet, a power connection and a battery. You no longer have to waste time looking for individual elements throughout the car - now you have everything in one place.

Integrated vehicles also got an improved door on the driver's side "Hartal". This is a very comfortable solution - the door can be easily closed with one finger.
The changes also included semi-integrated cars - some models gained additional space inside the vehicle. At the ceiling, it increased by as much as 10 centimeters!



New products from 2019 also included campers-vans. First of all, it is necessary to mention the new clean water tank. In improved vehicles, they were placed above the rear wheel arch, thanks to which the van received a normal, pressurized water pump.
Vans were also enriched with an additional table and two chairs. They are placed behind the rear door in a pull-out drawer, thanks to which they do not take up too much space.


Importantly, the heating systems in the vans have also been improved, including the air outlets and their arrangement. Thanks to this, the car will be better warmed up, and the heating itself will increase its efficiency.

Changes for the entire Pilote group

It is worth knowing that many changes were made to all types of vehicles. We can mention here, for example, the new external tapes for all models. The color of the interior itself has not changed, but the design has been updated; The offer includes, among others, new tops, shelves and other elements.

In addition, now you can also use new upholstery for the couch - the offer has been enriched with, among others, fashionable felt. In motorhomes, radio antennas have also been replaced with those that are more efficient. The standard of vehicles in the Essentiel category was also raised. Cars from 2019 now have the same interior finish as the Sensation motorhomes from 2018. In a word - the standard has improved, so the new models are more enjoyable.

In all types of Pilote motorhomes, new drawer designs have appeared - now they are more durable and light. The changes also included the kitchen itself. For vehicles over 7.10 meters in length, it has been possible to convert a 3-burner stove to a 2-burner stove.

The control panel has also been improved - the 7-inch LCD appears in newer models. From now on, you can use it to control all the electronics in the vehicle as well as the heating. In addition, if you choose the panel with the Garmin option, you will also get navigation. Then the entire element will be detached, so you can use it anywhere.

Interested persons can also order vehicles with a new "F" interior - then the sofas will be placed on both sides of the motorhome. The Pilote Group also renewed the Mooveo vehicle range due to their high competitiveness in the market. We remind you that these are motorhomes with smaller, two-liter engines. This is related to, among other things, lower excise duty per car.


If you want to see our latest vehicles, we invite you to the Motor Show , which will be held on March 28-31 in Poznań, on the MTP grounds!

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