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In America, you can also find campers - not only large buses adapted for tourist purposes, but also Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter and Iveco Daily.

“Vacation travel does not have to mean sacrificing comfort. Just take it with you ”- this is how the American brand Jayco advertises its motorhomes. It is the comfort that is to be the main distinguishing feature of this company's products.

Jayco specializes in the production of caravans , but also offers two touring cars, promoted as vehicles that, unlike caravans, do not need to be towed.

Jayco Conquest

It is a smaller motorhome, and at the same time - as the manufacturer claims - it will be difficult to find a tourist car in the US at a better price. The vehicle is available in five lengths and with seven different floor plans . Depending on the version, two or four people can sleep in the car.

From the outside, the Conquest model can be recognized by the huge piping at the front, high superstructure above the driver's cabin and tinted windows on the side . The base for most Conquesta versions is the Fiat Ducato (644 cm, 713 cm, 799 cm). However, there are also two models (774 and 792 cm) built on the Mercedes Sprinter .

The interior design is not surprising. The ceiling cabinets are rounded, while the remaining furniture has modern, straight lines . What distinguishes Jayco motorhomes is patterned, but not kitschy upholstery, which goes well with dark furniture fronts.

The shortest versions do not have a bed above the driver's and passenger's seats - but there is a spacious storage compartment there. The bed is at the back and can be placed either on the floor or under the ceiling. In the latter case, there is a seating area downstairs with sofas and a table.

In most variants, the bathroom is very small . The exception is the longest Conquest, which has a bathroom in the back, the entire width of the cabin, and even a wall that slides outwards, next to which the bed stands. There are also variants with single beds, as well as an alcove located above the heads of the driver and passenger.

Cars based on Fiat Ducato are equipped with a 120-liter fresh water tank and a 75-liter gray water tank. In Mercedes it is respectively 150 and 80 liters.

Each model has a Tom Tom (Fiat) or Becker (Mercedes) car navigation system as standard.

Jayco Optimum

This is a model for slightly wealthier clients. Perhaps because of the lower popularity, only three versions of this motorhome are available. The shortest is Mercedes Sprinter (792 cm), then Fiat Ducato (837.5 cm), and the longest is Iveco Daily (870 cm) .

In Iveco , the fresh water tank has a capacity of 240 liters , so it may be surprising that the gray water tank can hold only 80 liters.

In Fiat and Iveco we will find not one, but two retractable walls - the space in the middle will be enlarged by moving the recess for the bed and the dining corner beyond the outline of the vehicle. In the case of Mercedes, the bed itself will be pulled out.

Each Optimum version has a large bathroom at the rear of the vehicle , as well as a washing machine as standard equipment. It is the equipment that distinguishes the Optimum from the Conquest the most. Solar panels (120 Watt) or a satellite TV system are simply standard here.

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