Pilote Atlas - a unique concept for the 60th anniversary of the brand

Pilote Atlas

The Pilote brand celebrates its 60th birthday. This event is a great opportunity to present a model that is the essence of "off-road mobility" - the Atlas model based on the Ford Trail chassis (as Pilote christened its newest child) is to be a symbol of freedom and unlimited possibilities.

When the co-founder of the Pilote brand, after traveling to the USA, started producing motorhomes, he was already completely convinced about the future of this form of recreation. Two years later, the famous alcove grill marked R360 was decorated with the logo of the legendary American brand: FORD.

Pilote Atlas

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The manufacturer in its strategy addresses adventurous travelers and decided on a sporty design with a characteristic black grille at the front, black 16-inch rims and a drive system with enhanced traction properties. It is meant to be a proposal for customers who never want to give up the perfect seat or viewing spot.

The Ford Trail chassis is optimized for rough terrain. The vehicle is equipped with a differential lock which improves traction and prevents and stability especially on shallow ground and on uneven surfaces.

Pilote Atlas - a unique concept for the 60th anniversary of the brand – image 2

The dimensions of the vehicle are 6 meters in length and 265 cm in height (the vehicle therefore corresponds to the dimensions of the L3H3 version). It offers equipment for avid globetrotters and a huge load space in XXL format located under the transversely placed rear bed. In addition, the manufacturer offers unparalleled autonomy (e.g. by using diesel heating or 2 highly efficient solar panels).


Pilote has tried hard to make the new concept visually stand out from the crowd. The vehicle is to be available for sale from spring 2023. So far, most aspects related to the interior and equipment are kept secret. We only have rudimentary information about the interior, a sketch and a promotional film that presents the muscular figure and body of the car. The new car, however, looks promising and will be able to successfully compete with similar designs by Randger or Westphalia. We look forward to hearing the details.

The official representative of the PILOTE group in Poland is CarGO! From Poznan.


Pilote Atlas
Pilote Atlas
Pilote Atlas
This article was prepared in cooperation with CarGO!
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