RAPIDO M-SERIES - Mercedes rules!

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On the one hand, there is a beautiful, well-designed, quiet camping structure, and on the other - a cab taken straight from the delivery van. Do you know it? This is the problem of most new motorhomes on the market, which are built on the basis of popular "delivery vans". With the advent of the third generation of the Mercedes Sprinter, the market for new motorhomes changed within one season. Here is the Rapido M-Series, two models of fully integrated motorhomes, built on the new Sprinter. They not only look great, but also offer new, so far unused solutions to improve comfort and safety.

A modern multimedia system

It is from the cab that it is worthwhile to start the presentation of these extraordinary vehicles. The Mercedes base gives us the opportunity to interact with a completely new dashboard, the main point of which is the Mercedes MBUX multimedia system. It is an over 10-inch color display that not only gives us access to information about the car, but also allows us to control multimedia, navigation or telephone. The latter can be easily connected via Bluetooth. On the same display we will see the view from the rear view camera.


Importantly, Mercedes also retained a few physical buttons responsible for, among others . air conditioning and heating control. This is a good move - the driver can change settings without taking his eyes off the road.

Motorhome with automatic transmission

The base of the Mercedes is also a phenomenal, automatic, 9-speed gearbox. With a 2.2 liter power unit, they make a successful duo. The duo, it must be clearly emphasized, relatively economical, especially in relation to competing solutions.


Most importantly, the motorhome finally gained solutions that so far were known only from passenger cars. We are talking about keyless access or numerous packages to improve driving safety. ABS and ESP are the norm, as is the hill start easier. Active cruise control, automatic lights, a stabilizing system with strong side winds or automatic tire pressure measurement are things that we do not read about too often in the context of motorhomes.

Two interior layouts - M66 and M96

Enough about the base, let's move on to the buildings themselves. As we wrote earlier, we have two models available here: M66 and M96. Both differ from each other only in the rear bedroom. The first one offers two single beds that can be joined together. Then we have at our disposal a gigantic bedroom for at least two adults. M96, on the other hand, is an island bed that can be accessed from both the left and right side. Each guest has their own wardrobe at their disposal.


Both models are 7.54 meters long, 2.35 meters wide and 2.95 meters high. The aforementioned 2.2 unit with 143 HP works under the hood. In each we find a total of 4 places to ride and sleep. To the aforementioned rear bedroom there is a pull-down bed in the front above the cab. Thanks to this solution, the living room is still at our disposal.

A face-to-face salon


And since we are at the salon, it is worth mentioning that it is a "guy-to-face" layout. Everyone sees each other is not the only advantage. Inside, we have a lot more space, it is easier to miss each other or cook something in the kitchen corner. The gas stove and the sink are large, but we managed to find a lot of typical work space where we can prepare meals or morning coffee. It is also worth mentioning the automatic, up to 149-liter refrigerator. We'll put supplies there for the entire crew.


The shower and bathroom are separate rooms, but thanks to the sliding doors on both sides, we can arrange this space as a separate room. There will be plenty of water, the tanks are respectively 130 (clean) and 110 liters (gray). Importantly, the ALDE system is responsible for heating the rooms and water. This is an option, but it is definitely worth considering if you want an all-season vehicle that is fully prepared for even the toughest winter conditions.


Finally, it must be said that the RAPIDO buildings are simply nice, aesthetic and durable. The furniture fits perfectly together, it is really quiet while driving. We can choose from only one color version of furniture fronts, but as many as 6 different upholstery designs. The "TORONTO" version looks interesting, which can be a nice contrast to bright furniture.

The described campers can be found in the offer of the M-Camp company from Dzierżoniów.

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