60th anniversary of the Rapido brand and the special model 60 EDITION

60th anniversary of the Rapido brand and the special model 60 EDITION – main image

The history of the Rapido group began in 1948, when the carpenter - artist Constant ROUSSEAU decided to start his own business in Châtillon-sur-Colmont. His first workshop was in a room of an ordinary residential building, and his main activity was the production of individual furniture. Soon the number of employees increased to 15 people.

In 1958, Constant built the first foldable caravan for himself and his family. This project turned out to be decisive for the future of the company and set the path for further development in the 1960s. Its inventor was awarded many times for the construction of the caravan, and already in 1961, after returning from vacation in Italy, Rousseau gave his "child" the name - RAPIDO .

The Rapido Group is currently an important player on the European market, and it consists of 3 brands focused on different customer needs and focused on different market segments - Rapido, Itineo and Dreamer.

A unique anniversary model


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company's activity, a very interesting jubilee model has been announced for the 2022 season - Rapido 60 Edition. In total, there will be 6 anniversary models with this designation - half-integrated cars ( 666F , 696F) and integrated cars (8066dF, 8096dF, i66, i96).

The exclusive character of the model is emphasized by its external appearance - special commemorative graphics and emblems as well as elegant 16-inch aluminum rims look great.

Rapido 60 Edition equipment


The uniqueness of the limited Rapido edition consists of a number of equipment. The Truma 6EH heating system (gas + electricity) with CP Plus panel and iNet module for remote control of heating and air conditioning functions is one of them. The gray water tank heating system will help to ensure comfort in winter conditions, and the service will be facilitated by a new, large, color panel. The special upholstery with the embroidered anniversary emblem is made of a special fabric with a layer of polyamide (TEP).

In terms of equipment, an interesting element is the central vacuum cleaner , which is located under the refrigerator. The hose socket is located on the wall, and the set includes a set of accessories that allow you to vacuum various surfaces, and even a garage at the back of the vehicle.

The interior design is bright and modern. Especially in the integrals, the drop-down bed has been beautifully integrated with the ceiling in the rest of the living area. The ceiling is padded with material, which adds an exclusive character to the interior. In the Distinction models, we additionally find dimmers in the living area and the bedroom in the back.

The bathroom in 60 EDITION has been attractively designed - a shipdeck floor, spacious cabinets, a black shower tray and the intertwining colors of light wood and brushed aluminum create a perfect visual effect.

60 EDITION will undoubtedly be an interesting and attractive proposition for customers looking for a new premium motorhome. This is due to the equipment, the quality of the materials used and the design.

The prices of the anniversary models are not known yet. The official representative of the RAPIDO group in Poland is the M-CAMP company from Dzierżoniów. The company is authorized in the field of distribution and is also an authorized service center of the French manufacturer. Full offer and contact details on the website www.m-camp.com.pl .

60th anniversary of the Rapido brand and the special model 60 EDITION – image 1
60th anniversary of the Rapido brand and the special model 60 EDITION – image 2
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