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The Niesmann + Bischoff brand, whose official representative in Poland is the M-CAMP company from Dzierżoniów, has for many years been associated with luxury cruisers in a weight category far from the usual 3.5 tons. The luxurious giants of the Arto and Flair series have long been bestsellers in their categories in many markets beyond our western border.

The brand gained phenomenal publicity 2 years ago, when it introduced the award-winning, stunningly unusual, fresh and thoughtful semi-integrated Smove model - in fact, it was a breakthrough and a successful debut in the category of vehicles up to 3.5 tons. It was then that we managed to successfully mix the market, but also show that the brand has not said the last word and is ready to surprise.

iSmove enters the salons


The debut of the Smove half-integration must have turned out to be a success for the brand, not only in terms of image, but also in business, which is confirmed by further work on a novelty in the segment of vehicles up to 3.5 tons - we are talking about the new integrated, which has just released the light of day. iSmove, because we are talking about it, gives a lie to the well-known notions about the "overweight" of integrated vehicles and that is why the brand labeled it with the slogan "against all rules" in the marketing message. The novelty from N + B shows that lightness, space and unique design do not have to conflict with comfort and practical, life solutions.

Compact but spacious


From the outside, the unusual design captivates and at first glance it becomes clear that we are dealing with a player from a "higher league". The iSmova dimensions are compact - the length is 7m for the 6.9 E model with longitudinally placed beds at the back or 730 cm for the 7.3F model with a double centrally placed bed. The overall width is 228 cm and the height is 283 cm. The basis is a Fiat Ducato with ALKO AMC 35Light chassis or optionally AMC45Heavy. The power units are turbocharged Euro 6 d-Temp engines with a capacity of 140 or 160 hp. The GVM of each model may be, depending on the configuration, 3.5 t, 3.7 t or 4.5 t. The load capacity, in turn, is similarly 580 kg, 780 kg up to 1580 kg. The permissible weight of the trailer is 2 tons.

So much for "dry" numbers and facts. Of course, in practice, the weight of the passengers, the weight of the packages, water and luggage will all be decisive. For an integrated vehicle, however, the space inside looks impressive. It is worth adding that the car can be registered for 2, 3, 4 or even 5 people.

7 patents and innovative solutions


The development works on the iSmove model, judging by the obtained effect, had to require effort and creativity. It is not surprising that the vehicle uses as many as 7 patented solutions that made it possible to create such an impressive vehicle. We can find here brilliant solutions for the kitchen (manually and mechanically retractable cargo, countertops or a full-size refrigerator placed in a drawer (produced only for N + B), an ultra-slim lowered bed with dimensions of 187x130 cm, a completely sliding shower cubicle or an incredibly ingenious solution that allows to obtain as many as 3 additional seats with seat belts for passengers, while at a standstill we have comfortable facing sofas and a large, folding table.

Roomy and self-sufficient


The spacious garage (113 cm high, 108 cm wide and 201 cm long) will accommodate a lot of luggage and "shelters" for holiday trips, and the amount of storage space available both inside and outside the vehicle is impressive. The weight limit resulting from the DMC does not mean, however, that it is not a self-sufficient vehicle - many solutions are taken directly from the bigger brothers and so we can order a permanent gas tank with a capacity of 50 l instead of 2 cylinders of 11 l of gas, the clean water reservoir is 200 l (gray 130 l), and built-in batteries (standard one 100Ah unit, optionally up to 3 pcs.) can work with the factory, optional 125W or 250W solar system.


To sum up, iSmove is a car that cannot be passed by indifferently. The basic price of iSmove in the German catalog is EUR 90,000. Like all producers of this segment, N + B will not allow us to leave the factory without a few elementary additional packages, making up another EUR 10,000. Taking into account the differences in the VAT rate (Poland 23%, Germany at the moment 16%) and the high excise duty, the "starting" price ceiling in our country will oscillate around PLN 500,000.

The Caravans Salon fair in Poznań on October 2-4, where M-Camp will present iSmove and other new products from its wide offer, will be an excellent opportunity to get to know the model inside out and see the list of optional equipment.


Those eager for knowledge and details about this extremely interesting vehicle are referred to a perfectly made interactive presentation with animations on the manufacturer's website:

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