New series, new vans, new Rapido for the 2021 season

New series, new vans, new Rapido for the 2021 season – main image

RAPIDO is another motorhome manufacturer that, on the wave of caravanning popularity, has prepared a lot of new products for the 2021 season. A completely new series of vehicles marked with the letter "C", a new look, both inside and outside, redesigned each room and, last but not least , modern camper vans that are simply pretty. Only this and so much.

There are so many changes in the RAPIDO brand that the press package prepared for journalists has as many as 25 A4 pages. In short, it will be something to write about. Let's start with, for example, a new series of compact, semi-integrated motorhomes. They were named with the letter "C". They surprise with the available space inside, which is influenced by the usable width in the middle - up to 2.17 m. Designers also added a new panoramic window "SKYVIEW", which significantly influenced the design of the entire vehicle. It is curved, made of strong glass, which additionally protects the interior from harmful UV rays. Heat loss? Not in this case. Another thought was done by installing an additional TRUMA heating duct directed at SKYVIEW.


The entire "C" series looks remarkably good. The lines harmonize with each other, the cab "does not stand out" from the residential buildings and the rear of the motorhome resembles passenger cars produced today. The vehicles will be available with three different floor layouts ranging from 5.99 to 6.99 meters.

The manufacturer in the new series distinguishes the RAPIDO C55 model with a length of 6.72 m. It has two single beds, size 80x199 and 80x185 cm. Of course, they can be joined together to create a gigantic double bedroom. The bathroom deserves a distinction, in which we will be able to see the new DUO'SPACE system with a rotating partition for the first time. Thanks to it, we can choose whether we want to have access to a toilet or shower. In this way, we always have a lot of space in one room without the need to extend the entire motorhome significantly.


The living room is in the shape of the letter "L", space for a total of four people (optional: 5) and the possibility of transforming it into a temporary bed. A 90-liter compressor cooler and a 2-burner hob with glass cover are typical features of modern motorhomes.

The RAPIDO C56 model also looks interesting. It is 5.99 m long, it is a strictly compact motorhome, but, as the manufacturer assures, it is the most exclusive and spacious unit in the class of vehicles below 6 meters. A French bed in the back, a toilet with a shower, a large living room and no partitions - this is, of course, an offer addressed to traveling couples.

ULTIMATE LINE, the premium interior

Six models in the RAPIDO range will be offered with the ULTIMATE LINE package. What is? This is a completely new style of motorhomes that affects the exterior and interior. We get, for example, aluminum rims (15 or 16 inches) or a gray cabin. Plus (attention, the list goes on): embroidered ULTIMATE LINE lettering, new upholstery with nice stitching, new lighting that creates a contrasting decor throughout the vehicle. The rear headrest, covered with a nice fabric, is… illuminated! Such small details affect the final reception of the new motorhome.


The new package is not just about looks. It is also Truma Combi heating, but in the latest version 6EH. We have gas and additional electric heaters at our disposal here - it works especially during winter conditions. There was also a CP Plus control panel and an iNet system with which we can remotely control the heating. Fun fact: an additional duct for releasing warm air was installed in ... the table leg in the living room. A great, small solution that has a significant impact on the comfort of everyday living, even when we have negative temperatures outside the window.

Redesigned rooms

RAPIDO has completely redesigned each of the rooms available in motorhomes. We have here, for example, a new look of kitchenettes. The cabinets have gained modern furniture fronts, we can find small, chrome inserts everywhere. In the new models, we can hide more things in the drawers. For our security (and our wallet), the manufacturer has added an electronic central lock. With one button we can lock each of the drawers while driving. This is a convenient solution that we know from premium motorhomes.


In the DISTINCITION and "M" series, the kitchen has been given a completely new shape. Curved, with white fronts and black handles. Let's add a round stainless steel sink (redesigned, of course) and a spacious, illuminated top, which additionally emphasizes the new curves. Beautifully!


Not only the kitchen has been modernized. The appearance of the bedrooms in layouts with a central bed has also changed. The new wall cabinets with locks and curved doors stand out. The bedside table, located right next to the head, has USB ports and 12V connectors. There was also a redesign of the lighting.


This is what the upholstery and furniture sets in RAPIDO motorhomes will be called in the 2021 season. Let's start with the first one, i.e. BELLAGIO. These are primarily matt furniture fronts of the upper cabinets with the gloss option. Vertical wooden rings have been replaced with modern, horizontal lines. A new door edge strip and small chrome parts are added. It is worth paying attention to the handle-free door - practical, easy to use, with a push-to-lock system. There is no shortage of ubiquitous LED lighting, which in this set add some kind of warming.


NACARAT is completely different. Wood in various colors dominates here. The furniture is more subdued and elegant. The warmth of the "hearth" is perfectly combined with the modernity of the 21st century. The new doors of the upper cabinets have a glossy white finish, a new edge strip and chrome.


The new color and furniture sets are not the end of the news. RAPIDO for the 2021 season has designed a completely new TV mounting system. The 22-inch unit is cleverly hidden in a special recess right next to the front door. It looks aesthetically and is also practical. In large motorhomes, we have the option to choose a 32-inch TV. There will also be a special niche with additional lighting. When we are not watching our favorite series or match broadcasts, the display does not take up valuable space in the living room.


The appearance of motorhomes from the outside has also changed. In particular, we have in mind the rear. New bumper, new lighting, new stickers and paint.

Camper vans from RAPIDO


Finally, let's mention the brand's new motorhome vans. The well-known V55 model has a "bigger sister" called V65 L. The unit was built on the Fiat Ducato H3 chassis. This solution allows you to hide the drop-down bed under the roof at a height of 2.88 m. In the back there is a classic bedroom with a double bed. In total, along the total length of the vehicle of 6.36 m, we will get as many as 4 places to sleep and drive. There is also a spacious L-shaped living room, a bathroom with a separate shower, a large kitchenette and a 135-liter fridge. Modern design - completely free! :)

It is worth mentioning that most of the vehicles described here can be seen in Dzierżonow in Lower Silesia. This is where the RAPIDO dealer, the M-Camp company, successfully operates. New models prepared for the 2021 season will appear in the showroom at the turn of September and October.

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