Seat for a large family - Alhambra

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Poles are increasingly turning to larger and more massive cars - on the American model. Vans are perfect for large families, but the pleasure they provide while driving alone is also important. An interesting proposition on the market is the "gem" of the Spanish manufacturer - the fantastically designed Seat Alhambra.

Agile, economical and solid

The SEAT Alhambra is a classic based on solid workmanship and high-quality materials. Families, especially the larger ones, pay attention primarily to the spacious interior - when more than five people travel in the car every day, additional seats are needed. A Spanish vehicle provides them: they are located in the luggage compartment, you can easily open them. They were designed with the youngest car users in mind. The remaining comfortable and comfortable seats are intended for slightly older passengers.

The owners of family cars focus on driving safety in the first place, although economic considerations are also important. The vehicle has to cope with everyday use by many people, as well as family trips on which a large amount of luggage is taken. A full-size Spanish diesel van is sure to pass the test and be up to the task in all circumstances.

The SEAT Alhambra is almost 5 meters long. Although it has been designed for families, it also enjoys lonely drivers on the road. Moves efficiently and agile: it is in no way inferior to passenger cars. It allows you to avoid unpleasant tilts or "rocking" of the body. Importantly, it can also reliably accelerate and overtake - when necessary. When the engine speed exceeds 2000 rpm, the car gains power and speed. Users of the version with automatic transmission appreciate the Spanish vehicle for its economical use of fuel - even at a speed of 50 km / h, it is possible to drive on the economical "five".


Packable and practical - with a "German spirit"

The SEAT Alhambra can seat seven passengers - then the luggage compartment capacity is 267 liters. However, when the vehicle is traveling by five - the luggage compartment is already 855 liters. The interior is made of high-quality materials and well laid out.

The design of the Alhambra is especially appreciated by fans of German cars, because the Volkswagen group, to which SEAT belongs, cannot be forgotten. The front of the vehicle is dominated by straight lines and crisp, traditional bends. The car's profile is also typical. Thanks to the two-box silhouette, a comfortable and spacious interior for passengers was created, as well as a luggage space that impresses with its size. Drivers who travel with large families appreciate the sliding side doors fitted to the car. In crowded city parking lots, it is a real advantage, which allows access to child seats. The Style variant also has electric rear door control. The rear of the body, also conservative and typically "German", consists of a large trunk lid, interesting, green lamps and a bumper with reflectors.

SEAT Alhambra will satisfy users who focus on modernity and precise, careful workmanship - "refining" the details. If you value comfort, reliability and want to enjoy driving - this is the perfect car for you. Take it on short and long journeys - your family will love it.

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