Dub Box, or who cut the cucumber?

Dub Box, or who cut the cucumber? – main image

This trailer can cause a lot of confusion. When you see it in the back, you might think it's the old, iconic Volskwagen T1, the so-called "cucumber". But where is the front? Has someone cut him off ?!

DubBox is a trailer that makes an amazing impression. This is because everything about her appearance seems old, classic, real. It's hard to believe that it can only be a replica, in addition, using modern GfK material in its construction.

This is what it is. Dub Box is a trailer made by a British company in two lengths - 270 cm and 489 cm .

Currently, the waiting time for the finished product is 3 months from the moment of placing the order. For a "naked" and short trailer you have to pay about 6 thousand. euro . When buying a trailer with modest equipment, including bed, we will get a double bill. However, these are the versions offered as "reduced" compared to the standard version. A longer Dub Box Standard costs (in Germany) min. 16,500 euros.

It is worth noting that each client chooses both the exterior varnish and the color of the interior. The entire project is individually agreed with the client. For an additional fee, you can even get a version with a pop-up roof .


The trailer at a glance

Although each caravan is designed individually, company photos usually contain two basic interior layouts.

In the shorter version, we find primarily a couch and a table. The advertising photos show an interesting sofa with a blue upholstery and a black and white checkerboard floor .

The table can be easily removed, and the sofa can be unfolded so that it takes up virtually the entire living space. Thanks to this, however, we can get a quite comfortable sleeping place with the size of 158 x 188 cm . In the shorter caravan, the kitchen countertop is located at the back of the caravan. So you can open the tailgate and cook from the outside .

The equipment of the Shortie Dub Box version includes, among others Stainless steel sink, retro refrigerator , two 240 V sockets, two 12 V sockets, water pump, LED lighting and a smoke detector. For an additional fee, you can purchase a lifting roof, warm air trailer heating system , aluminum rims, shock absorbers.

A version without compromise

The longer version is more like a fully modern and comfortable caravan. The kitchen module can be placed similarly to the short version or opposite the entrance.

A sink, gas stove, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator - if not for the more vivid colors of the cabinets, they could be considered the same as in "ordinary" caravans. Also, the living area, with a three-part sofa and a table in the middle , looks quite ordinary, but thus promises decent comfort.

Of course, the sofas can be turned into a bed, and if we order a version with a manually lifted roof, an additional bed will also be available upstairs.

The equipment of the Standard Dub Box model includes, among others: a two-burner gas stove, a CD / MP3 player with a USB charger and everything that is also installed in a shorter version.

The maximum permissible total weight in both versions is the same and amounts to 750 kg , and the load capacity is 150 kg.

On request, you can also order the Tuck Box version, which can be included in the recently popular "truck food" category. A truck is definitely not, but it is still perfect as an attractive and mobile sales stand, among others. drinks, ice cream or hamburgers.

The Dub Box caravan can be won during this year's Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf , which starts in just a week.

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