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Fresh colors inside the motorhome, simple and modern design, low weight and sufficient equipment already in the basic version of the motorhome - this is how you can describe the Sun Living vehicle, which we have recently tested.

The Sun Living brand derives from the well-known manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans, i.e. the Adria brand from Slovenia. We have already driven Adria motorhomes several times and we managed to get to know their high quality of buildings and a very nice internal design combined with warm colors.

When it comes to the Sun Living motorhome, the vehicle inside is kept quite simple when it comes to the appearance of the furniture, but there is no loss of quality when it comes to the construction.

The motorhome is registered for 5 people and this is how many places to drive and sleep. Unfortunately, the fifth person has to drive rearward facing, in a slightly "reserve" seat. Also for longer routes, however, I would recommend this car to families traveling in 4 people.

Easy assembly of child seats in the motorhome

To make a bed for a fifth person, unfasten the table and mount it closer to the floor. However, we used this option to facilitate the installation of child seats and it turned out to be fantastic.



The lowered table did not interfere with the seats at all and the kids had a lot of space in front of them. This configuration also allowed kids to easily sit in the armchairs. However, we lacked the ISO-FIX system for easier and more solid mounting of seats - I do not know why producers of family motorhomes did not introduce this facility as an MANDATORY option and often it is not even available as an option.

The table itself is also very easy to expand, also during a stop, when the table was in its place, we could use one hand to widen the table top and eat a meal together.



Lots of cabinets

There is nothing to complain about the lack of storage space in this motorhome. We have stored all our things, clothes and food and a large part of the cabinets are still empty.

I liked the most two vertical wardrobes in the rear part of the motorhome, which could accommodate a large portion of clothes lying or hanging.


Another three very deep cabinets are located above the rear bed and the others - as standard, above the kitchen and living area on the left and right side of the motorhome.

It is worth mentioning the garage with two-sided access, where we also fit all camping furniture, barbecue, double bicycle trailer, gas cylinders and several 60l Robusto boxes. The bikes must have been driven on the external rack, but the capacity of the garage is very sufficient. However, I missed lighting in the garage, which you can probably order as an option.


Fold-down bed for two people

The motorhome has a fold-down double bed on which all sheets and pillows could be left. This facility eliminates the need to make the bed every day, so we can prepare the bed for sleep in literally 4 seconds. All you need to do is pull down slightly with one hand and mount the ladder.



When the bed is lowered, you can still walk under it, so you just need to bend down a bit and you can still leave the motorhome or go to the cab where you can still use the armchairs and the table under the bed.

The bed has a mesh protection on both sides so you don't have to worry that your baby will fall off while sleeping.

Rear bed

At the back of the motorhome there was a double bed across the motorhome, to which you had to climb up a ladder.

The bed itself was comfortable for two people, but the designers did not think about the location of the ladder. The ladder was located too close to the toilet door and when it was already installed, it made it impossible to open the door. It would be enough to move me 10cm to the right and the problem would be solved.



Nice bathroom

The bathroom is spread across the width of the motorhome. This means that the shower is separate and located on the left wall of the vehicle, and the toilet with the wash basin is on the right wall.


The toilet door can either close the toilet itself or separate the entire bathroom from the living area, which results in a really large sanitary room with simultaneous access to wardrobes with clothes.

A lightweight motorhome for 4 people

The motorhome is very light because with full fuel and water tanks and the awning installed, it weighed 3130 kg. Such a mass is enough to be able to pack with a family of 4 without exceeding the GVW of 3.5t - if you need to take more things, you can still maneuver with the amount of clean water, which can be refueled here as much as 140 liters.



I can recommend the motorhome with a clear conscience to anyone who is looking for a nice, neat motorhome without unnecessary fountains and chrome decorations. I think it will appeal to young people who like modern, simple forms and interesting colors.

We received the motorhome for testing from the exclusive distributor of the Sun Living brand on the Polish market, i.e. the Elcamp Group from Krakow, which also runs the authorized service of Adria and Sun Living motorhomes.

Camper test video


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