202 thousand fair visitors during the Caravan Salon - a new record has been set!

202 thousand fair visitors during the Caravan Salon - a new record has been set! – main image

The largest caravanning industry fair ended on Sunday. For 10 days (from 28/8 to 6/9/2015), Düsseldorf was the undisputed Mecca of lovers of traveling "houses on wheels". As many as 70 thousand people lived for the duration of the event in the Caravan Center.

There is very satisfying news from the capital of caravanning. The organizers have just announced that this year's 54th edition of the fair was visited by a record number of guests. As many as 202 thousand people decided to come to the premises of Messe Düsseldorf.

The result exceeded our wildest expectations. An equally important fact is that our surveys show undoubtedly - as many as 55% of the guests came with the specific purpose of purchasing the latest caravanning equipment - Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is not satisfied with his satisfaction.

New record!

The above reports confirm the extremely optimistic estimates made at the halfway point of the event. This is how the event was commented on a few days ago.

At the halfway point of Caravan Salon 2015, that is until Wednesday inclusive, the fair was visited by 115 thousand. people, of which 15% came from abroad. This is a very good result, as it allows us to assume that the new division of the halls appealed to fair visitors. This year it was easier to get to know the exhibitors' stands without having to travel the huge distances between several halls - informs Stefan Koschke, director of CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf.

Until Tuesday (September 1), as many as 15,900 tourist vehicles were added to the Caravan Center (P1) campsite, and each subsequent day more travelers arrived on board of motorhomes to visit the fairgrounds the next day.


Optimistic signals from the capital of caravanning

The above reports confirm that this year's event was visited by the largest number of caravanning fans in the entire history of the Caravan Salon organization, because a large part of the fair participants filled hotel rooms in Düsseldorf and the surrounding towns - as the local media eagerly reported. Well, caravanning is definitely in fashion.

This year's event includes over 2,000 caravans and motorhomes, as well as countless tourist and camping equipment, accessories and ideas increasing the comfort of traveling and resting at a stop. Certainly, a few-day stay in Düsseldorf is definitely not enough to get to know the latest industry offers, because many exhibitors this year, apart from market offers, announced studio solutions that remain concepts for the time being. As in previous editions of the event, this time a huge crowd of guests decided to stay in the camping area in the vicinity of Messe Düsseldorf, from where free buses transported them to the fairgrounds every day.

CIVD research

The latest reports on the condition of the industry were published by a respected organization associating caravanning industry producers. On the first day of the fair, the CIVD (The Caravanning Industry Association) press conference revealed that 62.5 percent of manufacturers sold more trailers than last year - comparing the results for the first two quarters of the calendar year. Likewise, more than 29 percent of companies maintained production at the same level. Equally excellent moods were recorded among motorhome manufacturers in comparable periods. 63.3 percent of them enjoy the increase in sales and absolutely no one noted a decrease in interest in their offers. The German recreational vehicle sector generated a turnover of 3,864 billion euros last year and reached a new production record in the first six months of this year. Comparing the first two quarters of 2014 and 2015, it is an increase in production by 8.9 percent.


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