Bürstner news during Caravan Salon 2015

Bürstner news during Caravan Salon 2015 – main image

The City-Car, a compact 599 cm long model, makes its debut in the Bürstner production program for the 2016 season. The engineers also suggested several solutions that we will appreciate during the standstill.

Since Caravan Salon 2015, the German manufacturer's offer includes 12 motorhome models. In addition to the compact 599 cm and 653 cm Brevio model, the ultra-compact City-Car makes its debut. The smallest model is based on the Fiat Ducato van with a GVM of 3300 kg or 3500 kg (depending on the drive and interior layout).

The ultra-compact City-Car

The car is registered for 4 people and is to combine the advantages of an everyday car with a vehicle prepared for holiday journeys. Attention is drawn, among others large water tank (capacity 100 liters). The first units will go on sale at the end of October this year, and a few months later, buyers will also be able to order a version with a length of 636 cm. During the CMT trade fair in Stuttgart (January 16-24, 2016) the City-Car models will be shown in two more interior layouts.


Semi-integral, integral and alcove

The range of semi-integrated models is: Travel Van with a length of 599 cm and 699 cm, Nexxo time with a length of 589 cm and 699 cm, Nexxo with a length of 679 cm and 749 cm, Ixeo time with a length of 599 cm and 749 cm, Ixeo with a length of 699 cm and 749 cm. The fully integrated models are: Viseo with a length of 682 cm and 725 cm, Aviano with a length of 699 cm and 755 cm, Elegance with a length of 699 cm and 861 cm. Among the sleeping alcove models, the following are available: Argos 886 cm long and Argos time. The Fiat Ducato family is the base for all motorhomes.

The most luxurious proposition is Elegance, which can be ordered with Alde heating and an interior arrangement that guarantees users a comfort reminiscent of luxury limousines. The leather upholstery of the relaxation area and the spacious bathroom area, the splendor of which brings to mind the presence in the wellness area, is to be the hallmarks of the premium class. In the Elegance motorhome, we can also find an interesting convenience that we will appreciate at the campsite. Well, the motorhome has a dedicated hatch, in which a 230V connection developed from the drum has been installed. This is also where the access to the clean water tank filler and the gray water drain valve are located. The equipment of this part is heated and illuminated with an LED lamp when opened.

Bürstner IxeoBürstner Ixeo

A revolution in the bedroom

We will notice the biggest changes in the leisure zone. We are talking about motorhomes from the Ixeo family, which have received an innovative lowered bed system. It remains almost invisible during the journey in the headlining of the motorhome, guaranteeing an impressive height of 200 cm above passengers' heads. The engineers also made sure that the frame structure with the mattress was lowered (and raised) by itself, and the user could choose the target height of the bedroom above the rest zone. Unlike the solution used so far, you can leave the bedroom up to a height of about 40 cm above the floor of the interior. However, if we want the bedroom abandoned above the rest area not to destroy the seating places, the electric control will immobilize it at a height of approx. 140 cm from the floor.



The refreshed interiors of caravans will now be available with 21 interior layouts. Wood has been completely eliminated from the load-bearing structures of the sheathing, which is to significantly affect the tightness and durability of the bodies. Caravan fans will be able to choose the following models: Premio with a length of 650 cm and 765 cm, Premio plus with a length of 739 cm, Averso Plus with a length of 605 cm and 740 cm, and Averso Top with a length of 652 cm and 780 cm.


We will buy all models of motorhomes and caravans in Poland from Caravans Mika from Katowice.

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