Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model

Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model – main image

In the segment of partially integrated motorhomes, the flagship proposition in the category up to 3.5 tons of GVM is the Globe4 model. Its successor will make its debut at Caravan Salon 2015.

Dethleffs produced the first motorhome in 1983. It was a pioneer in the development of both alcove and semi-integrated camper vans at one time. It is also the first German motorhome manufacturer to use a Fiat Ducato chassis with cabin. Now is the time to improve well-proven residential solutions.

Changing of the guard

Motorhomes with aerodynamically profiled bodies have been enjoying growing popularity for years. They are usually several dozen centimeters lower than those in which an additional bedroom is hidden by a large alcove above the factory roof of the car, which makes the latter unrivaled when it comes to the number of sleeping places. The dilemma of choosing a family "house on wheels" has been simplified due to an interesting innovation. A few years ago, the bed lowered from the roof lining caused a sensation among motorhome users. Today, almost every company has in its production program vehicles in which we create a comfortable bedroom with one hand movement (optional electric drives that raise and lower the bed frame). This solution also determined the popularity of the Globe4 model, which since 2009 has been built in two basic specifications for the interior layout - for two travelers and families of 4. Now the successor of this model will debut.


4-travel is distinguished by a drop-shaped shape of the modeled residential buildings - this is the result of work on improving the aerodynamics of the motorhome. Importantly, soft lines did not restrict the freedom of movement in the interior of the building, especially in the bedroom lowered from the ceiling. The constructor resigned from the construction of the frame located transversely to the direction of travel. The longitudinally positioned mattress (dimensions 200x140 cm) guarantees a lot of space. During the overnight stay, the bed goes down to the height of the backrests of the L-shaped living room. On the other hand, attached to the ceiling, it guarantees a standing position (approx. 195 cm). During Caravan Salon 2015, campers with two interior layouts will be presented. The difference comes down to the arrangement of the rear part of the building and the location of the bathroom.

T 6966-4 and T7116-4

In the proposal dedicated to two travelers (4-travel T 6966-4), the bathroom room is located behind the rear axle of the vehicle and covers the entire width of the building (approx. 210 cm). Behind the bathroom wall there is a huge garage that will accommodate bicycles - after all, the cubic capacity of the storage room is available after opening the loading door on the left side of the building and a smaller hatch on the right side. In the specification dedicated to family travels, at the expense of a much smaller bathroom - this one is located opposite the kitchenette, it was possible to carve out the master bedroom in the rear part of the building. There are two mattresses longitudinally facing the direction of travel with an upholstered insert in the middle. From winter this year. a third interior layout will be added (T 7156-4), in which, instead of two separate mattresses, we will find a French double bed.

Dethleffs motorhomes and trailers can be seen and ordered in Poland at the CarGO Camping Center! in Poznań .

Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model – image 1
Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model – image 2
Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model – image 3
Dethleffs 4-travel will replace the Globe4 model – image 4

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