How to create a good atmosphere in the motorhome?

How to create a good atmosphere in the motorhome? – main image

Even on the best-planned holidays, we cannot predict one thing - the weather. When we choose countries with a warm, and even hot in summer, climate, we will undoubtedly face high temperatures. And those, especially in "houses on wheels", can be quite a challenge for all passengers. Fortunately, motorhome owners are not doomed to discomfort. It is enough to install the air conditioning so that the heat does not spoil the good holiday atmosphere!

Air conditioning systems - nice coolness in the motorhome

With the arrival of summer, high temperatures turn the motorhome into a sauna and, as a result, it is warmer than outside. Simply opening windows or airing the vehicle is no longer enough. Even a few days in such conditions can be a real nuisance for all participants of the trip. No wonder that more and more motorhome owners are choosing to install air conditioning. Producers of cooling systems, meeting the expectations of caravanning enthusiasts, offer them more and more modern, efficient and economical solutions. Their task is not only to cool the air, but also to purify and dry it.

Air conditioning for a motorhome - roof or under-bench?


When deciding to buy air conditioning, motorhome owners have to choose a roof or under-bench system. How are they different from each other? Roof-mounted air conditioners, often integrated into a window, offer two functions in one unit. On the one hand, they cool the interior of the motorhome, while providing natural light from the outside. However, the price for travel comfort is the increase in vehicle height and the quite loud operation of the air conditioner. An alternative to roof air conditioning are under-bench systems, also known as floor systems. Usually they are mounted in the free luggage space, which can be troublesome when traveling in a larger group and with a lot of things. Benefits? Under-bench air conditioning does not burden the roof, and also works quieter than the roof system. Before buying air conditioning in the store and camping accessories, it is worth taking a closer look at the functions that the system is equipped with. Control via a special panel, multi-stage regulation or energy-saving cooling mode will certainly increase the comfort of using the air conditioning. The cooling power and the level of power consumption, which differ between models, are also important.

Roof window ventilation


Full sun, no wind days at the campsite and warm nights. Sounds like an ideal? Only if the climate inside the vehicle allows it! In its creation, solutions in the form of roof windows are invaluable. During the day, they are a source of external light, and if necessary, they can be darkened with a pleated roller blind. A special lever allows you to open the window and let fresh air in, so we can ventilate the interior. In addition, many models of roof windows have special mosquito nets to prevent unwanted insects from entering the motorhome.

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How to create a good atmosphere in the motorhome? – image 1
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