A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone

A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone – main image

Sanitary considerations are one of the factors that may discourage you from enjoying the campsite's charms. Fortunately, nowadays, equipping motorhomes and caravans with a toilet is standard, and in the absence of such an element, its purchase is not a problem.

A portable toilet can simply make life easier in the world and it probably does not need to be convinced. The problem can only be choosing the right model. The toilet must fit in the part intended for the bathroom, and if we replace the old sanitary facilities with new ones, it should also fit the installation used. If you want to replace the old model with a new one, but of the same brand, it shouldn't be a problem. The most famous producers make sure that their equipment (both new and old) is "compatible" with each other.

In the case of a toilet, we can choose a smaller and lighter model or a larger and heavier model. For example, Dometic offers small compact toilets (970 series). They are made of ABS plastic , which allows you to keep a low weight - about 5-6 kg. The capacity of the waste container is 8.7 liters, and the waste water container can hold (depending on the version) 9.8 or 18.9 liters. creates air pressure. Such a toilet costs about PLN 400.

A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone

It is also worth mentioning that the toilet is equipped with a SOG exhaust system that removes unpleasant odors outside the bathroom cabin.

The flushing system is also important. The water tank has a capacity of 7 liters . The waste container can hold 19 liters. However, before it is full, an appropriate indicator will inform you about it. When it indicates that the toilet is full, the toilet can be easily disassembled into a form in which the waste container takes the form of a neat suitcase on wheels, also equipped with a pull-out handle. With such luggage, we can go to a place where we empty its contents.

Dometic CT 3000 series toilets are available for around 2,000 PLN. zloty.

Toilets at similar prices are also offered by Dometic's biggest competitor - Thetford . In the case of products of this brand, the larger, permanently installed C 200 toilet has a 17-liter waste tank, while the compact models can hold (depending on the version) 12 or 21 liters of waste.

A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone
A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone – image 1
A camping toilet - a bit of luxury for everyone – image 2

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