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In the near future, those who love amusement parks will no longer have to look abroad for them. A huge complex called Adventure World Warsaw is under construction in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

In close proximity to the capital of Poland (30 km), a gigantic amusement park - Adventure World Warsaw is being built. The complex will combine over 50 attractions in the all-year-round Winter Zone covering 70% of the entire complex and an outdoor Theme Park.

Wandering around Adventure World Warsaw

Those who wish to visit AWW should obtain an appropriate map - the impressive size of the complex will make it possible to get lost in it. A passage under the Grand Hotel building will lead visitors to the park. There will be more than 10 water slides and other interactive water attractions under the dome of the Water Park . To imagine what awaits visitors, it is enough to mention, for example, swimming pools with artificial waves, underwater reefs, beaches with wonderfully powdery sand and cafes located under the water.

That's not all - the largest Water Park in Poland will be waiting for guests. The entertainment zone will feature numerous clubs, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Visitors will be able to spend a nice time in the cinema or in one of the many shops and boutiques.

Think about those who will want to extend their stay in the complex. Two large themed hotels are planned for Adventure World Warsaw - Grand Hotel and Hotel Aqua. In total, they will offer guests over 630 rooms, conference space and restaurants with an extensive menu.

Thematic regions of the complex

There will be as many as 5 theme lands in the park, each of which will offer different attractions. First of all, visitors will go to the Adventure Harbor - a bustling market square with lots of shops and restaurants.

After walking through this part of the park, we will visit the Lost Valley , where you will be able to admire stunt shows and an interactive show based on 3D technology.

The next part is the Old Town , a place reminiscent of Warsaw's Old Town with its architecture. In this land, visitors will learn about Polish folklore and meet famous characters from fairy tales and legends.

There are mystical characters in the Magical Creatures Lagoon , inviting guests to have fun together. It is a comic book land full of colors. It will be home to the Loch Ness Monster, Griffin and many other mysterious creatures. It will be one of the places loved by young people - with their age and spirit.

The next part is the epic Land of Legends , in which we can find the remains of ancient civilizations. Side by side will be temples from the times of the ancient Greeks, Vikings and Mayans. There will also be ruins and religious buildings from the time of the Egyptians. In this part of the complex, time stops, or even goes back, when guests wander through the distant past.

The last land is Castle Island , where you can meet the Dragon and the Three Witches. Merlin will stroll dignifiedly among the medieval castle walls, showing tourists along with King Arthur.

The project is actively supported by the Polish government and the authorities of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The planned opening of the complex will take place in 2015.

I wonder if the investor has thought about the users of camping vehicles and will prepare special, dedicated parking spaces with appropriate infrastructure for these vehicles.

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