Birofilia 2014 - this Friday !!!

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Soon, in the Archduke Brewery in Żywiec, a great beer event will be held, i.e. the Birofilia Festival 2014. Over 600 beer brands from several countries around the world - gourmets of the golden drink cannot miss it!

On June 20-21, 2014, the largest beer festival in Europe will take place. It will take place elsewhere in Poland, specifically in Żywiec. We are talking about the Birofilia 2014 Festival, a great event sponsored by Grupa Żywiec.

The festival is organized every year, and each subsequent edition has more and more momentum. In 2013, almost 6,000 guests participated in the event. They had the opportunity to taste over 500 types of beer that came to the Archducal Brewery from such exotic places as Laos, Tanzania and Kenya. This year, gourmets will have even more options - in one of the biggest attractions of the festival, that is Aleja Piw świat, there will be over 600 brands of beers .

Alley of Beers of the World

It is impossible not to devote a few words to this avenue. There are exactly 623 items on this year's list of beers that can be tasted there. Among them you can find brands from Barbados, Peru, Mauritius, Brazil and Bolivia, as well as species from slightly closer countries such as Germany, England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The beers presented in Aleja attract not only with their taste and exotic origin. The real pearl of this year's edition of the festival will be Samuel Adam's Utopias - one of the most expensive beers in the world. The cost of a bottle of this exclusive drink is 1.5 thousand zlotys.


Home Beer Competition

During the festival, there will also be a Home Beer Competition, organized by the Polish Association of Home Brewers. This year's edition will be the twelfth edition in a row, and competitors will compete for the laurels in ten categories (including Best Bitter beer style, Czeski Pilzner, Dubbel and Grodziskie). The winner will receive the honorary title of Grand Champion Birofilia 2014 , and on December 6 will be on store shelves throughout the country.

Last year, as many as 432 types of beer competed, and the winner and Grand Champion of Birofilia 2013 was the Imperial IPA by Czesław Dziełak. This year, the fight will be equally fierce, and the competition jury will be composed of the greatest brewing authorities from Poland and abroad. One of them will be Stan Hieronymus, a home brewer with over 20 years of experience. He is also famous as a journalist, and his books on brewing beer are very popular in the United States.

Attractions of the Birofilia Festival 2014

Traditionally, the event will be accompanied by activities promoting the beer culture. The festival program includes various competitions, beer brewing demonstrations and lectures (including the secrets of proper tasting and beer sensing). The announcement of the results of the competitions, getting to know the Grand Champion Birofilia 2014 and the award ceremony will take place on Saturday from 19: 00-20: 30, and then there will be a great celebration with music that will be played to the guests until midnight.

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