Child care leave - who is entitled to it? How to use it?

Child care leave - who is entitled to it? How to use it? – main image

During a calendar year, each employee may use two paid days off, related to taking care of a child under the age of 14. Find out more about this privilege.

Childcare - when can it be used?

The provisions of the Labor Code specify that each parent may take advantage of a leave from work related to childcare. This type of leave is granted for the care of a healthy child under 14 years of age.

It is worth noting that the employee does not have to justify the application submitted to the employer in any way. To obtain additional days off for childcare, all you have to do is submit an appropriate application. It is up to the employer to decide whether the employee will ultimately receive days off. Unless there are objective and valid reasons for doing so, the employer should not refuse the application.

Parents with a sudden, unforeseen situation related to their child may also consider taking leave on demand. The model with the description is available on the website .

Child care - how much is it entitled to?

An employee who wants to use the leave related to caring for a child must remember that they are entitled to it for two days or 16 hours. Due to the fact that there are no limits to the number of redundancies, the employee can use the two-day leave, dividing it at his own discretion. He can also take advantage of it immediately after a holiday, treating it as an extension of rest.

People who have decided to fill in an application for childcare specify in it whether they use the leave in days or in hours. If the employee in the first application uses one day off, he will not be able to divide the next one into hours in the future.

Who can benefit from childcare?

Every employee is entitled to two days related to child care, regardless of the type of employment contract, seniority and working time. Part-time employees will also be entitled to leave, but it will be expressed in hours - determined in proportion to the working time.

Persons who have not taken childcare leave in a given year lose their right to it in the following year. Unused days do not carry over to the next year, and the employee cannot demand that the employer pay an equivalent for them.

Child care leave is not the only convenience that working parents can take advantage of. Companies are also increasingly offering other benefits, such as the famous travel holidays. What are pear tree holidays and how to take advantage of them? More information is available online.

Child care is a leave that is supposed to make life easier for working parents. Finally, it is worth emphasizing that only one of the parents has the right to take this type of leave. They can also decide to divide their days off - in such a situation, each of them can take advantage of one additional day off from work.

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