Discover the taste of adventure at TOUR SALON 2021

Discover the taste of adventure at TOUR SALON 2021 – main image

Already in September, the Poznań International Fair will become a Mecca for travelers. All thanks to the TOUR SALON fair and the accompanying CARAVANS SALON POLAND fair taking place on September 24-26, as well as the Traces of Dreams Travel Festival.

This year's edition of the fair will be held under the slogan "Discover the taste of adventure". These three words perfectly summarize the values of the exhibition, which this year will include not only the presentation of regions, cities, communes and companies offering tourism services, but also an extensive exhibition of campers and trailers as part of the CARAVANS SALON.

Giants (in) travel

The heart of the fair will be, as every year, the trade fair stage, this year shared by TOUR SALON and CARAVANS SALON. The invited guests who will perform at it are undoubtedly "Giants (of) travel" - willing to take on travel challenges and determined to fulfill their dreams of long and short journeys. This distinguished group will include, among others: Łukasz Supergan - a champion of long-distance expeditions, who this winter completed the winter crossing of the Polish mountains, through the Polish part of the Sudetes and the Carpathians, along the southern border of Poland. This extraordinary journey lasted 49 days and its distance was 1,096 km. This is what you will be able to hear about during TOUR SALON. In turn, Bartek Szaro, who has been writing about independent expeditions at for over a decade, will report on the first stage of the "50 rivers" project during the fair. Its aim is to swim and describe the 50 most interesting sections of Polish rivers in accordance with the spirit of sustainable development. tourism. This is a real treat for kayaking enthusiasts.

There will also be stories of long-distance expeditions. Marcin Jakub Korzonek will appear among the Giants (on the) trip. He will talk about the Kross The Record 2020 project - a lonely expedition through the Atacama Desert in Chile, the struggle with adversity and nature, and an attempt to break the world record in the height reached by the cyclist. Leaders from the Soloists Travelers' Club will also appear on stage - Monika Ścibor will take fair guests to the African continent, and Hanna Zieleźnik-Rybak will talk about her great love - the Azores archipelago.

Caravanning enthusiasts will also appear on the fair stage. They will perform, among others: Kasia and Łukasz - creators of the PodróżoVanie project and Zosia and Kuba, i.e. Foxes in Eden, who put everything on one card, abandoning their current, stationary life to pursue their dreams of traveling and freedom. Aga and Bartek, the authors of the Calluna Trip blog and vlog, will also talk about their passion for traveling in a camper.

In the Footsteps of Dreams

The fair stage is not the only place that will draw visitors into the vortex of travel passion. The Traces of Dreams Travel Festival will be held in the iconic Spire of the Poznań International Fair. As many as 16 finalists will compete in the "Golden Trace" competition and they will take viewers on a beautiful expedition around the world. The travel plan includes such distant places as Laos, Burma, Venezuela, Namibia, the United States, Canada and the Raja Ampa Archipelago, but you will also be able to listen to presentations discovering the beauty of our country and listen to, for example, Dorota Chojnowska discovering the treasures of Poland or Katarzyna Augustyn, who will share impressions from the Main Beskid Trail.

Caravanning Rally, Retro and Hand Made Zone

The fair program will be complemented by the 12th National Caravanning Rally, taking place as part of the CARAVANS SALON fair, which will be attended by teams from all over Poland and beyond. The rally will take place on the MTP premises at Mark's Square and in the parking lots next to the pavilions where the fair is held.

Moreover, in addition to the exhibition, there will be two special zones available to visitors: the Retro Zone and the Hand Made Zone, which will allow visitors to learn about the history of caravanning on the example of specific models (Retro Zone) and show how they can creatively build their own camper (Hand Made Zone).

The weekend of September 24-26 at the Poznań International Fair promises to be extremely interesting and will undoubtedly be a strong impulse, despite the just ended holidays, to plan further trips, both near and far. One ticket is valid for all events.

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