More and more exhibitors at Caravans Salon in Poznań

More and more exhibitors at Caravans Salon in Poznań – main image

The list of exhibitors at the Caravans Salon fair in Poznań, which starts on September 24 at the Poznań International Fair, is still growing. The organizers emphasize that this year we will see many new exhibitors who have not yet appeared at the fair or are just making their debut on the dynamically growing caravanning market in Poland. Currently, there are about 50 companies on the list that will present their offers. Taking into account the specificity of the market, where companies such as CarGO, Elcamp or ACK Benimar have 6 or 8 brands in their portfolio, visitors to the fair can count on representation of about 100 different brands, campers, trailers, accessories and services. related to caravanning. Taking place together with Caravans Salon, Tour Salon and the Śladami Marzeń Festival, there are another 50 exhibitors from the tourism, equipment and outdoor industries.

More about exhibitors, premieres and new products HERE.

The Polish team from Dusseldorf reports in Poznań

Leading Polish "export" companies that recently created a sensation at the fair in Germany will have their stands at Caravans Salon. We will also see solutions and new products from Globe Traveler, Balcamp, Wavecamper and Escape Vans in Poznań. Globe Traveler also announced the Polish premiere of the new version of Voyager Z and Wavecamper of several of its innovative campervan patents.

Of course, there will also be other brands from top Polish dealers, but we have already written about them.

Ahorn Camp and LMC Caravan for the first time at the fair in Poland

Caravans Salon Poland will also feature premieres, not only of specific campers and trailers, but also the first presentations of brands. Such debuts will be made by the Ahorn Camp and LMC Caravan brands in Poznań.

Thanks to the CAMPER4U.PL company, we will see the German brand Ahorn Camp, one of the fastest growing and largest organizations selling campers in Germany - we will see 4 models of this manufacturer at the fair.

The Centrum TMT company will, in turn, present LMC Caravan vehicles, also from Germany, whose history dates back to the 1960s.

A treat for 4x4 fans, Noriaki's art and solutions based on innovative "boxes"

The Poznań fair will also offer something for fans of extreme solutions. The Adventure Van Conversions brand, known for its bold projects, will present several of its amazing expedition campers, including the Grand Tourer based on the Renault Master 4x4 or the unique project The Watcher Ultimate 4×4 Sprinter NCV3 , a demonstration van decorated with drawings by a famous artist from Poznań. street art by NORIAKI (Poznań is full of Watchers, i.e. Mr. Periscope).

You will also be able to see and compare several designs of recently popular camping boxes that allow you to turn a van or larger car into a camper for the duration of your trip. Brands such as EGOE Nest , Escape Vans and Raxo will present their solutions and patents in this area.

Volkswagen California in four versions

City Motors from Gdańsk, a Volkswagen dealer, will present 4 different versions of the California, which is currently the best-selling camper/campervan in Poland. We will see the small compact Caddy California (new), a version for beachgoers, the California Beach, and two versions of the larger Grand California - 600 and 680.

Special Zones, Rally and lots of lectures

This year, Caravans Salon takes up three large pavilions at MTP, so there will be a lot to see and check out. Pavilion 4 deserves special attention, where the Retro Zone and the Vanlife/Hand Made Zone are planned.

There we will see over 20 retro campers and sets presented by their owners. The zone is being created in cooperation with the Campermajstry group. You can read more about Retro HERE .

The Vanlife/Hand Made Zone is, on the one hand, a place where we will meet Youtubers and Vanlifers who show the secrets of life on the road on the Internet or social media on a daily basis: here we will meet the teams of PodróżoVani e, Foxes in Eden , Terasfera and Familiaventura . On the other hand, there is a place for owners of motorhomes built or converted by themselves.

An integral element of the fair will be the 12th National Caravan Rally, this year approximately 160 teams will be registered. Unfortunately, the plots ran out some time ago.

Due to the Traces of Dreams Festival taking place as part of the fair, visitors will have two stages at their disposal: the Fair Stage in Pavilion 6 and the Festival Stage in Pavilion 11 (The Spiers), which gives them a choice of over 30 different lectures and meetings. The program of the Fair Stage can be found HERE and the Travel Festival program HERE .

We invite you to Poznań to the Poznań International Fair from September 24 to 26, where we will also appear.

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