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When visiting Italy, apart from spending the night at campsites and special parking lots, caravanning enthusiasts can still take advantage of the possibility of an overnight stay on an Italian farm. And it's absolutely free. All you need to do is become a member of the Fattore Amico association - a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cooperation between motorhome owners and Italian agricultural producers. The only requirement that the former must meet is a payment of 35 euros per year . Thanks to this, they receive an ID card, a special identification sticker for a motorhome and a catalog with a list of farms where they can stay. The latter, in turn, gain advertising and more customers for their products. Both motorhome owners and local producers enjoy this collaboration with great pleasure.

Overnight in the Italian countryside

Fattore Amico has been promoting this specific cooperation between guests and hosts since 2004. Thanks to joining the association, caravanners can spend one night for free on a farm listed in the catalog. The catalog is re-issued every year and now it houses 441 farms whose owners want to promote the local products, culture and natural beauty of a given region of Italy. Tourists visiting a given farm are not required to buy their products from the hosts. It is not obligatory, but on the other hand, who would not like to take advantage of the opportunity to try Italian cheese, wine or cold meats from the Italian countryside? Made from 100% natural ingredients , without any chemical "enhancements", delicious and unique?

Among the vine fields

The founders of the association are caravanning enthusiasts themselves. As they say, the main assumption of Fattore Amico is to promote local tourism and economic activity in close connection with supporting ecology. The cooperation of Italian farmers with motorhome owners allows tourists to learn about cultural traditions right at the source, as well as visit places off the popular tourist routes. Joining the association gives them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the habits of the inhabitants of the Italian countryside, and above all, it allows them to find a quiet place to relax. It is an ideal solution for nature lovers , hungry for the silence of the fields and the view of the hills covered with kilometers of vines.

On the other hand, the main reason why Italian farmers allow caravers to park on their farms is to familiarize travelers with the traditions of the region and local products. The cooperation promoted by Fattore Amico supports the development of the local economy and is characterized by a low impact on the environment (tourism is intimate). It is also extremely important to educate visitors about healthy eating. Tourists can easily and fun learning to pay attention to the quality and method of manufacturing products. This will allow them to avoid hypermarket purchases such as feather sausages or cardboard-flavored meats. Original dairy products, delicious meats (including salami), olive oil and fine wines await them on the Italian farm.

Fattore Amico catalog

The exact legend placed in the aforementioned catalog makes it easier to choose the perfect place. Each farm is provided with GPS data, the number of parking spaces for motorhomes, as well as attractions such as sports facilities (playing fields, horse stables, etc.) or restaurants. Information is also provided about the possibility of arriving with a pet - the vast majority of farms allow it. If you want to stay at a specific farm, it is best to call in advance and ask for a free place. During your stay on the farm, you cannot use the amenities found on the campsites: you cannot pour water, plug in the electricity or clean the toilets - in general, the motorhome should be fully self-sufficient. Although, of course, it may happen that a kind host will allow us to replenish the water supply or recharge the batteries.

Membership in the Fattore Amico association should be of interest to anyone who loves contact with nature and wants to take a break from the busy reality of a big city.


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