Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched

Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched – main image

The Heineken brand has decided to carry out the most daring of its experiments to date. In the Polish edition of the action, we will meet legendary travelers, who will be joined by every man who is not afraid to set off into the unknown.

We will be able to see how men who are taken out of their daily routine and transferred to a completely unknown environment cope.

Heineken gathers a group from all over the world and takes them to distant corners of the Earth. There, they are equipped only with basic articles and tips on the way ahead. This is also the genesis of the "Dropped" series, a series of episodes of stories about the adventures of fearless explorers during their extraordinary journeys.

You could already follow the escapades of the four daredevils, tearing through the wilderness of Alaska, the deserts of Morocco, the jungles of Cambodia or… the thickets of Polish roads. The expedition crowning the series is available on Heineken's Dropped YouTube channel.

While watching, we get to know the story of a true male friendship between Kuba from Poland and Murray from Ireland, left alone somewhere on a beach in the Philippines. To survive, they had to deal with the challenges ahead.

"Dropped" is a social experiment that will require the participant to reveal his true nature. If he does, he will experience a journey that will become a legend, ”says Wojciech Bogusz from Grupa Żywiec.

September 18 this year. (Wednesday), at At noon , at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw (Sala Kinowa) at Plac Małachowskiego 3 , a meeting will be held with the legendary climber Kinga Baranowska and the hero of the Dropped campaign - Jakub Barzak. In the program - many inspiring stories of legendary travelers and the whole program will be led by Marcin Prokop.

Zachęta Gallery (Cinema Hall) at Plac Małachowskiego 3
Zachęta Gallery (Cinema Hall) at Plac Małachowskiego 3
Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched – image 1
Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched – image 2
Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched – image 3
Heineken - Global "Voyage" campaign launched – image 4

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