Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle.

Hymer Venture S premiera 2022

The Hymer Vision Venture concept car was presented for the first time at the Caravan Salon 2019. The motorhome manufacturer from Bad Waldsee has bravely responded to current and future industry trends and revealed what motorhomes might look like in 2025. This vision is now becoming a reality as Hymer celebrates the launch of the new Venture S.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 1

Equipped with innovations such as the unique Instant Loft - pneumatic lifting roof with integrated stairs - as well as a striking tailgate with a real glass Infinity Screen that offers 180 degree panoramic views and an exclusive sunbathing deck, the Venture S looks very good. Hymer thus meets the needs and aspirations of an exclusive, highly discerning group of customers, while at the same time playing a key role in the birth of a new type of motorhome - bringing its vision of the future into series production with its customary pioneering spirit and innovative energy.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 2

"With Venture S, we have reinvented the motorhome from the ground up, drawing inspiration from the needs and ideas of the van-life community," says Christian Bauer, CEO of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG "The result is a completely new motorhome category, which we are now launching - based on the excellent feedback on our concept vehicle and backed by our company's experience - after only a short development phase."

Venture S is now available for order.

Style. No limits. The new off-road Hymer Venture S

As an exclusively equipped off-road vehicle for two, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise. With its compact vehicle length, slim body and striking off-roader aesthetics, the Venture S embodies an entirely new vehicle category.

All roads are open to the Venture S thanks to the strong Mercedes-Benz Sprinter skid plate and standard all-wheel drive and studded tires. The eye-catching Stone Gray or Sea Blue Metallic color scheme adorns both the exterior and the cabin, and combined with the honeycomb graphics for a unique look.

New furniture finishes - no compromises on two levels

Thanks to a completely new concept of the interior layout, Hymer has managed to revolutionize life in a modern motorhome. A completely new dimension of "van life" opens on two levels, characterized by the highest standards of comfort, design and functionality.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 3

Lounge - The highlight in the lounge-like rear of the Venture S is the real glass Infinity screen that surrounds all three sides of the comfortable rear seat and provides amazing views, flooding the interior with daylight. In combination with the felt wall covering, it creates a harmonious interior atmosphere. When not in use, the adjustable table with a solid bamboo top can be easily folded up and stowed under the couch. In good weather, the open tailgate of the Venture S further enlarges the living space by opening up a private terrace from which you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the surroundings or a front row seat by the lake.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 4

Sleeping - Venture S leaves nothing to be desired also in terms of sleeping comfort. Thanks to an efficient hydraulic system, the lifting roof opens fully in less than three minutes and protects against noise, light and temperature fluctuations during sleep thanks to the innovative two-chamber system. The firmness of the mattress can even be individually adjusted via the Hymer Connect app.
The comfortable stairs in the Venture S allow easy access to the "upper floor" and can be safely used in the dark thanks to the illuminated steps. What's more, the compartments integrated into the steps provide additional storage space. Smart storage and charging options for smartphones, e-books etc. add the finishing touch to your "relaxation level".

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 5

Cooking - cooking in Venture S is a pleasure thanks to a modern, fully equipped kitchenette with an elegant, matt black finish. Its central element is a multifunctional wall that allows you to adjust the available storage space in the form of hooks, shelves and containers. A drawer with a compartment for a cutting board increases the work surface of the kitchen. All supplies and utensils needed for exquisite on-board catering can be stored in the practical storage box system.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 6

Modern interior arrangement

Hymer uses innovative materials throughout the Venture S to ensure the optimal balance of function, appearance and weight. For example, the metal surface of the table top is surprisingly soft and has a matte finish that prevents glare while driving. It is also fingerprint and scratch resistant. The imitation of tiles is made of a composite based on powdered stone. It is virtually indistinguishable from traditional tiles in terms of look and feel, giving your kitchen a stylish touch.

Shower - thanks to the intelligent concept of use of space, Venture S has two sanitary rooms in one. In one move, the bathroom - complete with the optional ceramic toilet, sink, mirror and built-in cabinets - can be transformed into an even larger bathroom with a floor-level shower. The new "Slate Light Rocks" furniture finish resembles natural stone in appearance and touch. It is also durable and easy to clean. The 120 liter fresh water tank allows you to enjoy long showers or travel even longer without refilling water.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 7

Work - Venture S includes a unique home office concept for anyone who wants to combine travel self-sufficiency with the ability to work on the move. In a matter of seconds, the desk integrated into the sidewall behind the passenger seat can be set up as an individual workstation under the flexible skylight, creating the perfect environment for a concentrated, independent workstation. What's more, your work will never be interrupted by a power failure - thanks to the three 115-watt solar panels on the Venture S roof, six strategically placed internal 230 V sockets and eight USB ports. In combination with the Hymer Smart Battery System 2.0 and 320 Ah lithium batteries and a standard inverter, you can enjoy up to 10 days of self-sufficiency without draining your energy.

Hymer presents the exclusive Venture S off-road vehicle. – image 8

Multimedia and Onboard Electronics - The Venture S is equipped with a mobile Sonos Smart Speaker that can be flexibly attached to the wall panels, so you can enjoy your favorite music in a variety of places. The projector with screen and wall mount - this option is the first time in a Hymer vehicle - is the perfect choice for unforgettable movie nights on the go. The pendant lights for reading can also be mounted at different points in the vehicle, so you can create the right lighting mood anywhere you want to relax. A well-thought-out lighting concept with multi-level ambient lighting (including plinth lighting) makes the interior of the Venture S appear extremely spacious.

In keeping with its visionary solutions, on-board connectivity plays a central role in the new Venture S. The vehicle is compatible with Hymer Connect - so the various components can be centrally controlled via a smartphone or the integrated 7-inch touch display.

Hymer Venture S premiera 2022
Hymer Venture S premiera 2022
Hymer Venture S premiera 2022
Hymer Venture S premiera 2022

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