Hobby Premium Van - a motorhome full of light

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A modern look, nice and functional interior with exceptionally rich lighting are the main distinguishing features of the new motorhome of the German brand Hobby. To make it even more interesting, the base for this vehicle is the Renault Master.

Fashionable, slightly angular shape can be liked. An uneven black strip on the side of the body appears to mark the line of the windows. And although it is only an optical illusion, it attracts attention. Such a bit of avant-garde is just right to arouse the sympathy of younger customers and not to scare the older ones.

Light, I see light!

Interior design specialists have known for a long time that in order to make a tight space appear larger and more spacious, it should use bright colors, large windows and as many light points as possible. Until recently, the latter was not easy due to the "power-hungry" nature of typical light bulbs. But today, when LED systems are common and ever cheaper, motorhome manufacturers no longer have any excuse for dark interiors.

So far, it was Hobby who did the best with the use of modern lighting. I have never seen such a large number of lights in any other motorhome. Under-cupboard lighting? Of course it is. But there are also moldings above the cupboards .

The smoothly sloping line of the roof window at the front of the vehicle is also emphasized by LED lighting, and more light has also been placed next to this window. Both a light strip and a 230 V socket are installed in the frame of the side window above the kitchen counter (there are as many as 5 such sockets in the entire motorhome). The car also has reading lamps above the beds and touch- activated map reading lamps in the front of the vehicle.

Let's add that the floor is also illuminated, and even the shower tray and the panel with the shower itself. If that was not enough, even the Hobby logo is illuminated on the backrests of the driver and passenger seats, as well as the logo placed on the rear of the vehicle, between the lights. LEDs above the entrance to the motorhome are a cliché.

The interior lighting is dimmable . The Romantica system will not only create a pleasant atmosphere, but also allow you to reduce electricity consumption.

During the day, daylight will not meet too many restrictions. Three skylights (including one in the bathroom) and side windows provide sufficient natural light. It can be a bit worse only in models equipped with an electrically lowered bed, which is suspended from the ceiling during the day.

Premium class equipment

Soft-closing drawers in the kitchen area are standard, as well as a 3-burner stove or a sink, in this case with an elegant tap. However, it is not typical to place an additional pantry below the refrigerator door . The refrigerator itself has a capacity of 140 liters, and the freezer has a capacity of 12 liters, but the capacity of the latter is adjustable.

Although we are dealing with a van, just like in larger vehicles, the toilet door may well be a partition between the bedroom and the living room. The bathroom itself is quite cramped but the amount of space was handled cleverly. Capacious corner cabinets, a lowered washbasin, a shower panel, and even covering the shower tray with a soft mat (it is the floor of the toilet section) allowed for the perfect use of the available space.

All equipment available in the vehicle can be controlled by a central system that can be integrated with up to 15 devices (including those that will be installed in the future).

The equipment can be considered extensive. Few vans can boast of, for example, Truma Combi 6 heating as standard . At no extra cost, we will also get pleated blinds that will cover the front window and side windows from light and prying eyes.

Hobby Premium Van boasts too many wardrobes. Right at the entrance there is a wardrobe for jackets , and larger wardrobes can be found in the sleeping area. A proven solution is a wardrobe for shirts placed under the bed, integrated with a movable hanger.

The equipment includes an insulated waste water tank with a capacity of 96 liters (placed under the floor), a 100-liter fresh water tank (under the seats, near the heating pipes), and a water pump. In some versions, there is a large garage with comfortable doors that open upwards.

And all this for 55 thousand. euro

The car is available in four variants. Each is 2.14 m wide. The interior is 1.98 m high, which will allow most tall people to straighten up freely.

The motorhome is available in three lengths - 6,273 mm, 6,845 mm and 7,116 mm. In the shortest version, the car costs 54,750 euros in Germany . Depending on the version, two to four people can stay in the vehicle.

Each Hobby Premium Van has a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes.

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