3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000

3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000 – main image

Caravanning has been very popular in Western Europe for several decades. The charms of independent leisure activities are enjoyed not only by fully mature couples, but also by families with young children. Also in Poland, more and more typical family models of caravans are sold. By investing around PLN 100,000, we can count on four sleeping places (including two-story places for children), plenty of practical storage compartments and cabinets, and many other accessories.

Knaus Sudwind Exclusive


Undoubtedly, German producers have one of the richest offers. Among them, the Knaus company with the Sudwind Exclusive model (we wrote more about this caravan HERE ). The trailer, which costs at least 18,000 euros , was mounted on a single-axle chassis . The classically designed body is decorated only with stickers. The interior of the caravan offers ample space for a family of four . The living room at the beginning of the caravan can be transformed into a double bed in a few moments. Opposite the entrance door there are bunk beds for the youngest - with ladders and curtains . On the right side of the entrance there is a well-equipped kitchenette (two-burner gas stove, fridge and sink) . Right next to the seating area, there is space for a compact bathroom (hot water is provided by the Truma 5 thermal bath) , with a shower cubicle and a chemical toilet .

Hobby 650 Premium


Another interesting proposition for families who prefer mobility and independence is the Hobby 650 UKFE Premium caravan . Spending a little more than in the previous case - around EUR 29,000 - we get a structure with a two-axle chassis , the interior of which measures 650 cm . The body looks at least modern - tinted windows together with stickers create an eye-catching whole. In the interior, we find six sleeping places, a kitchenette, an almost full-fledged bathroom and numerous cabinets . In the front part of the caravan there is a double bed , next to which there is a closed bathroom with a chemical toilet, a shower cubicle and a washbasin . At the very end of the trailer, the manufacturer has a place for the day compartment with a functional folding table - after folding it, we get another two places to sleep . On the right side of the entrance, we will find a traditional kitchenette with a large countertop, gas stove, refrigerator, as well as a sink and lots of cabinets . Opposite it, we have bunk beds with a ladder to make it easier to get to them.

Fendt Opal 650 SFD


Among the caravans by German manufacturers, the Fendt Opal 650 SFD is also very interesting (we wrote about a similar model HERE ). The single-axle structure is valued at PLN 111,000 , the price can of course be raised by ordering numerous accessories and unusual finishing options. From the outside, an ordinary caravan hides a very practical interior designed for four people. After entering, you will find a seating area - an oval table and the sofas surrounding it, when folded, form a double bed (above them, of course, we have lockers). Further in the background there is a kitchenette with a two-burner gas stove, fridge, sink and a huge number of cabinets . Opposite the kitchen sphere you will find spacious built-in wardrobes that will easily fit all the household members' belongings. In the further part of the trailer we will meet another double bed - passing it we will get to the bathroom. On the back of the caravan, isolated from the rest of the interior, we have a shower, a chemical toilet, a washbasin and hot water.

With a budget of about PLN 100,000, you can easily find some very interesting caravans that will meet even the exorbitant expectations of the family.

3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000 – image 1
3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000 – image 2
3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000 – image 3
3 perfect caravans for a family of four for about PLN 100,000 – image 4
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