Hobby Siesta VAN 2014 camper - sets standards

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During the fair in Dusseldorf, a refreshed range of Hobby motorhomes was presented. So let's take a look at the smallest model of this brand in the new version. Siesta Van, if only because of the price, may turn out to be the most popular Hobby motorhome.

Siesta Van comes in two versions. The V60 GF measures 5,999 mm and its basic price is 39,990 euros . The V65 GE is 6,690mm long and is available from 42,900 euros. Both versions, as standard, offer accommodation for two people . In the shorter version the main bed is double, in the longer version there are two single beds. The permissible total weight in both cases is 3.5 tonnes .

The width of the cars is 2.18 m - according to the manufacturer, this is an advantage, because thanks to the relatively small dimensions, the motorhome is easy to maneuver even on narrow city streets and on tight winding roads.


The chassis and the roof of the Siesta Van are made of fiberglass. According to the manufacturer, such a roof provides better protection against hail than a conventional roof made of aluminum. The fiberglass roof is also more effective in reducing noise . The floor is insulated with XPS material, which is highly resistant to moisture.

There is a place - in the lockers

Since we are dealing here not with an extensive motorhome but a van, the amount of space in the interior will not be huge. The manufacturer had to choose whether to leave more space or use the largest possible compartments, but at the expense of space for free movement. Practical Germans decided that lockers, cabinets and a mini-garage are more important. The latter is really impressive.

Lots of light in the motorhome

Each Siesta Van model has LED lighting (including reading lamps ), as well as three tilting sunroofs with roller blinds. The side windows also feature double roller shutters that protect against sun and insects.

It is worth noting that the new interiors feature bright colors and two-color furniture , which makes for a modern and neat impression. The table, although it seems small, is extendable.

Safe in the kitchen

Cooking will be more enjoyable thanks to a set of spacious drawers (all with a soft-close function). A 96 liter fridge is fitted as standard, although there is also a 140 liter version. The 3-burner gas stove is equipped with a lock that cuts off the gas when the flame goes out.

One of the three 230 V sockets has just been installed in the kitchen, to which you can connect any device. Also in the kitchen there is a central gas distributor with clearly marked valves for the gas stove, refrigerator and heating system.

What's included?

The waste water container has a capacity of 92 liters , while the fresh water container has a capacity of 100 liters. 90 liters - this is the capacity of the fuel tank. Water and waste water tanks are heated to prevent freezing. In both versions there will be room for two gas cylinders .

Control of light, on-board devices and heating is possible thanks to separate electronic panels. The light can be started with a convenient button. The cabinets throughout the motorhome are ventilated , which prevents damp and mildew, and illuminated.

We managed to find a lot of space in the bathroom, separated from the rest of the vehicle by a solid door. The toilet seat and washbasin are located outside the glass shower enclosure . Practical shelves under the shower head provide space for soaps, shampoos and other cosmetics. Mirrors, sunroof and LED lighting make the bathroom seem a bit larger than it really is.

Certainty included

To sum up - Siesta Van in the version for 2014 looks good and can easily set standards in its class. The Siesta Van is a good proposition for people who do not want to spend days and weeks choosing the right equipment, but want to immediately buy a sensible vehicle from a lower price class, but with decent equipment. The hobbies of Siesta Van are the certainty that they will not make the wrong choice.

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