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Currently, trailers from the top Premium series are offered in 12 different configurations. The basic differences between them concern the total length, which ranges from 668 cm to 950 cm. This parameter is also followed by the permissible total weight. In the shortest model, it is 1500 kg, and in the longest model, it is 2300 kg.

The differences also lie in the interior layout and equipment. The largest models have five sleeping places, while the smallest one can sleep only three people.

The size of the trailer also has a huge impact on the price. We can have the cheapest model for approx. 19 thousand. euro, and the most expensive require a payment of 27 thousand. euro. The average prices of the other models oscillate around 22 thousand. euro.

What do we get in return? Amazing design for sure. Each trailer from the Premium series looks phenomenal. The streamlined, but not too soft lines of the cabin will blend in perfectly with modern cars. Even if some famous actor decided to get out of such a trailer right on the red carpet in Hollywood, it should not arouse too much sensation - after all, such a campground does not need to be ashamed.

The trailer is distinguished not only by its appearance, but also by an above-average amount of compartments. One of them is located, for example, in the front door. In order to use it, you do not need to open the entire door, you can only open its upper part, in which you should keep the most necessary things, such as sunglasses, a towel or suntan oil, etc. Another compartment can be found on the side of the caravan in its lower part - in this case, we will also have access to its content from the outside.

Noteworthy is also a spacious, external compartment for gas cylinders. From the outside, we also have access to a power socket and a fresh water tank (with a water level sensor).

The entire trailer is distinguished by large and interestingly designed lights. Among the rear lights there were, among others fog light. The Hobby Premium trailer also has clear front marker lights (upper and lower). Lighting is also located above the entrance door (from the outside).

Inside, you may be surprised by the floor covering, sun blinds and high-quality materials (e.g. wood finishing is possible). Kitchen drawers close softly, without annoying knocking. Inside, there are plenty of compartments and lamps. In addition to the triple ceiling light resembling a chandelier, there is, among others, for a separate reading lamp or wardrobe lighting.

You may like the bathroom faucet in the form of a gutter open at the top, through which water flows. Probably less will be the fact that when using the toilet the person sitting on the toilet bowl has to keep their legs in the shower tray.

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