Packing your motorhome safely

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Caravanning enthusiasts face the challenge of packing their vehicle before each journey. A house on wheels, just like the traditional one, fulfills various functions. During the trip, we sleep in it, cook, take care of hygiene and organize our free time, and all this is possible thanks to the equipment and additional accessories in the motorhome. However, to make independent journeys not only comfortable, but also completely safe for all passengers of the vehicle, it is important to skillfully organize the space inside and outside the motorhome. What to remember when packing for your dream vacation in a motorhome?

Packing from the inside

Contrary to travel by other means of transport, during trips with a motorhome, we do not need suitcases, bags and backpacks, the limited capacity of which requires us to carefully select our equipment. Most motorhomes for sale and rental from rental companies have a range of functional storage solutions. The cabinets, lockers and shelves will be used successfully to pack the most necessary equipment during travel and camping. However, before we move the whole house inside the motorhome, let's remember about its key parameter - the permissible total weight. Exceeding it, caused by overloading the vehicle, may lead to damage to the chassis and affect the stability of the motorhome while driving. Before packing, it is worth making a list of only the necessary things and assess their weight - thanks to this, we will ensure the safety of our journey for ourselves and our companions. On the road, let's also take care of order inside the motorhome - thanks to this, it will not only be easier for us to find the necessary thing quickly, but also avoid cluttering the vehicle, which will increase the comfort of the trip.

Luggage arrangement

Packing your motorhome safely

In addition to the amount of luggage in the motorhome, its skillful arrangement is also important. Remember that the heaviest items should be packed close to the center of the vehicle axle, as low as possible, and light items in the compartments under the ceiling. The even distribution of luggage on both sides of the motorhome is also important, thanks to which the vehicle will be easier to drive and minimize the risk of falling off the road on sharp turns. Bearing in mind the unevenness of the routes, it is worth securing the kitchen equipment in advance to prevent it from moving and breaking while driving.

Transportation of bicycles

Packing your motorhome safely

Motorhome owners, apart from standard equipment, are happy to take their bikes with them on holiday. While in the case of very large motorhomes, bikes can be hidden in the internal trunk (garage), in smaller ones it is worth having a dedicated transport system mounted outside the vehicle. Among the solutions available in stores with camping accessories, the most noteworthy are rack mounted racks. Depending on the model, they can transport up to 4 bikes. Their advantage is the ability to easily get into the trunk of the vehicle without having to remove the bikes first. When deciding to take your bikes on a trip, it is worth taking care of their protection against rain or mud. A great idea in this case will be to buy special covers.

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