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In the last two years, we have devoted a lot of attention to the Frankia brand, whose popularity in Poland is constantly growing. Considering the price ceiling of most models, the next sales records are quite a surprise. As with our western neighbors, also in the country on the Vistula, customers are convinced by a large load capacity, excellent quality of furniture and fittings, as well as independence in travel. Today we will look at the TITAN NEXT version, the specification of which makes it suitable for long trips and redefines the concept of freedom.

You will take as much as you want


The described colossus has as much as 5.5 tons of GVW and 3 axles. The basis is the new Fiat Ducato with an engine capacity of 2.2 liters and 160 horsepower. The load capacity in the factory configuration is just over 1000 kg, which actually leaves little wishes - keeping the permissible weight in check will not be too much of a challenge. The length of the model is 786 cm, width 230 cm, and height 318 cm (even tall people will stand inside, because the clearance from the floor to the ceiling is 203 cm). What distinguishes the NEXT model when it comes to independence?

The essence of freedom

It takes 250 liters of clean water and 105 liters of gray water on board. The 45-liter faeces tank significantly extends the time between toilet flushes. The applied INDUS system by Thetford, which we have already described HERE , allows you to easily pump waste into a dedicated tank, previously treating it with special chemical additives. According to According to the manufacturer's data, it is possible to use the toilet for up to 7 days without service.

Frankia TITAN Next - Luxury and independence

In terms of energy independence, this roller is equipped with as many as 3 solar panels with a power of 110W with an MPPT controller and 2 LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity of 120 Ah each. All electronics and automation on board comes from the well-known and respected Büttner brand.

Made for winter travels

The double floor is 35 cm high, and access to it is possible in several places, which allows you to use the space as a place for luggage and accessories across the entire width of the vehicle (the compartments are of course properly lit).

Winter escapades are no challenge, as apart from a heated floor and perfect insulation of the building and a heated storage box, our hero hides the most important weapon in the fight against cold - the ALDE 3020 water heating . Thanks to this, the user will not be afraid of any frost, and the bath water will always have a comfortable temperature. And here we go to the bathroom, or rather a bathing room, separated on two sides by a door (at the back with a sliding door, and at the front by a wing closing the toilet). On both sides of the vehicle there is a toilet, a washbasin and a spacious shower cubicle. A flat paddling pool without protrusions, for example, forced by the wheel arches (a condition known, for example, from Carthago motorhomes), gives the impression of extremely comfortable. Moreover (importantly) it is easy to maintain.

On board Frankia Next you will also find a 32-inch Alphatronics TV and an Alpine sound system in Dolby Surround standard.

Space and comfort

The Frankia described here is longer than most "standard" integrated vehicles and therefore more spacious in the interior. The length of the vehicle translates into comfort - for example, we find it right behind the swivel seats for the driver and passenger. The fold-out table and the arrangement of the "face to face" sofas in the living room allow up to 7 people to feast comfortably. The rear beds are 195 cm and 200 cm long respectively, and the electric front bunk offers extra space for two.

Frankia TITAN Next - Luxury and independence

New Fiat Ducato, compared to its predecessor, equipped with a number of amenities, is a comfortable base. The standard 160 horsepower, taken from a diesel engine with a displacement of 2.2 l, for an additional fee, can be converted into 180 ponies that can easily handle the 3-axle giant. A number of driver assistance systems and a comfortable, well-functioning automatic gearbox make the car pleasant to drive. For more information and a quote, we will send you to an authorized representative of the Frankia brand in Poland -

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This article was prepared in cooperation with CarGO!
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