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The right equipment of the motorhome is important - regardless of whether the vehicle is used only for short weekend trips or rather for long trips abroad. Thanks to it, using the motorhome will be both more comfortable and easier. The range of devices available on the market, however, can make you dizzy and ... empty in your wallet. So how to equip a motorhome before your dream vacation and not go bankrupt? What electrical systems should you remember to fully enjoy the charms of traveling at home on wheels? We advise!

Travel comfort

On hot days, the long-awaited vacation in a motorhome can become tiring. To avoid this, just install an air conditioning system. It will allow the vehicle to maintain a low temperature and the desired humidity, responsible for thermal comfort. Manufacturers of cooling systems offer motorhome users two types of solutions. The first is the easy-to-install roof-mounted air conditioning that saves valuable space inside the car. Its undoubted advantage is the efficient way of air circulation, falling from top to bottom and cooling the entire interior. The second option is under-bench air conditioning , mounted in the luggage compartment. Unlike the roof, it does not affect the vehicle's aerodynamics. Thanks to the soundproof construction, the device works quietly.


Pleasant travel and stay at the campsite is also the opportunity to enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment, especially in the evenings or on rainy days. Satellite systems with TV sets , which receive HD signal, are helpful in providing it. They will allow you to watch your favorite series or matches anywhere. Current inverters are also popular devices, used to convert low voltage (12/24 V) into high voltage with a power of 230 V. Thanks to them, it is possible to charge a laptop or a phone using a car battery. It may also be a good idea to buy an electric generator. It will allow you to enjoy access to power wherever you are, without having to connect to the network.

Pleasure to use

Maneuvering the motorhome between narrow streets or full parking lots is not the easiest thing to do. If we add non-standard dimensions and limited visibility of the vehicle to it, it can become a real challenge. The reversing camera , which has become one of the most popular camping accessories , will be an invaluable help for the driver. No wonder, equipped with an LCD screen or synchronized with car navigation, it allows you to precisely navigate in places where it is difficult. We also recommend caravan drives - otherwise known as mover, which make it easier to move and set the caravan in the right place after disconnecting it from the car. After mounting a small motor to the trailer axle, it is controlled by a remote control. MOVER is perfect for parking a trailer in the field as well as when driving through the gate. You can find various trailer drives in the camping accessories store .

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