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Knaus - a brand owned today by the Knaus Tabbert group - presents its new products mainly during the fair. The new Knaus session started in 2013, during the fair in Duesseldorf, and ended in January 2014 in Stuttgart .

For Knaus , the presentation of the Caravisio concept camper van last fall was a great start. The model created a sensation as it is extremely rare for a company that mainly converts standard vehicles to touring versions to create its own concept vehicle. Thus, Knaus showed that both in terms of vision and technology, it is not inferior to car manufacturers.

But let's get down to earth. An important novelty in the current offer of Knaus is the fully integrated Sky iPlus motorhome . This is an extended version of the Sky model. iPlus is distinguished by a slightly different interior styling with chrome accessories. The exterior of the motorhome can also be recognized by the chrome grill strip.

The car was made of plastics (GRP roof, polyurethane side walls) and does not have any wooden elements in its structure . The important advantages of the car include a panoramic windshield and a large drop-down bed, which you do not need to access via a ladder.

Among semi-integrated cars, the changes mainly concern the equipment and interior layouts. For example, in the VAN TI model there is a new 600 MEG system with separate beds . In addition, the fronts of the furniture have gained a new color scheme, and airplane seats have appeared in the cab. An external, heated supply module has also been added to which the water supply and sewage system can be connected. There is also a place for a 230V socket. The GRP floor is now fitted as standard.

In the Sky TI model, the manufacturer offers new versions - 550 MF is a modest version designed for two people , and 700 MB is also a two-person version, but slightly larger, providing better comfort.

Knaus also draws attention to the new version of trailers from the Sport line . This year, there are as many as 17 variants to choose from, and the equipment includes chrome elements combined with those made of stainless steel. The new gas cylinder box has a large cargo space. The manufacturer emphasizes that the new Sport has a very good price-to-equipment ratio.

The Eurostar , winner of the Red Dot Award, cannot be overlooked. This caravan is distinguished by an interesting, modern design, with a large window and an interestingly designed side wall.

Thanks to the Digital Imaging Technology technique, any pattern can be printed directly on the wall - without any visible edges. Knaus uses this opportunity to try to give the surfaces of his trailers a three-dimensional effect.

Inside the Eurostar we can find, among others an L-shaped kitchen with a stainless steel sink and a collapsible dustbin. There are not only many storage compartments hidden in the double floor, but also a supply module and a water tank. A new feature is the possibility of installing air conditioning, ambient lighting, a Midi-Heki roof window or a TV in the roof.

The show of new products was completed in January 2014, during the CMT fair in Stuttgart.

The biggest novelty is the Lifestyle caravan , which is distinguished by an interesting interior. A gray carpet on the floor, upholstery combining gray and blue colors, and cabinets in a shade of gray wood are elements that create a modern and neat space.


You might also like the rounded shelves above the bunk bed, or the blinds covering the door with two windows with rounded corners . The kitchen is a peninsula set across the caravan in its central part, and the side worktop is also a bar table with tall chairs attached.

Also new is Boxstar in the You & Me version . It is a van which, despite the size of a typical Fiat Ducato (length from 541 cm), has a full-size bathroom with a shower and a kitchen inside. We managed to find additional space by resigning from the bench. The driver and passenger seats are inverted at the table. Of course, there is also a double bed in the car.

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