Knaus trailers during the Caravan Salon

Knaus trailers during the Caravan Salon – main image

During this year's fair, the German manufacturer emphasized the symbiosis of functionality and design.

The latest models of caravans are the result of work on conceptual models that we had the opportunity to admire during previous editions of the Caravan Salon. Will the production program ultimately be enriched with proposals distinguished by technologically advanced construction materials? Customers will decide about it, because so far the market debut of this extremely light - we are talking about Travelino, is carefully hidden.

KNAUS EUROSTAR with the CARAVISIO floor plan

Does anyone remember the revolutionary shape of the CARAVISIO trailer, which evoked vivid associations with the style of modern yachts? The trailer of the future is still a concept, but many solutions have been transferred to the EUROSTAR 650 ES. There is no symmetrical development in the interior, and all the walls have the characteristic curves of connections at the junction with the ceiling. Even the fronts of cabinets and shelves have gained soft lines. Attention is drawn to the asymmetric seating arrangement in the living room, one of the backrests of which can be quickly transformed into a comfortable armchair, opposite to which a full-size office workstation is created. Equally interesting is the "bow deck" of the master bedroom, which single V-shaped beds are joined by an upholstered element. The central part is defined by oblique walls of the toilet and a separate shower room. The large fiberglass washbasin draws attention here. LED accent lighting emphasizes the luxurious nature of the interior. Since its premiere at CMT 2015 in Stuttgart, EUROSTAR 650 ES has been gaining fans, so trailer production will start in 2016.


TRAVELINO - revolutionary light

Work on the ultralight 4-seater caravan took several years, and the studio project was presented a year ago. KNAUS engineers were guided by the goal of creating a trailer, the use of which will guarantee a negligible appetite for fuel when traveling in a set with a car. The reduction of the empty weight was achieved thanks to ultra-light materials and an innovative arrangement concept. This is primarily due to sandwich panels with a paper honeycomb core, as well as polystyrene foam (XPS) panels, which are lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly. Not only the interior, but also the chassis and body of the vehicle are made of renewable resources.


This year, another installment of the studio concept was presented. The aesthetically made toilet cubicle can benefit from the cubic capacity thanks to the sliding walls. Such (mobile) lockers also increase the volume of luggage space.


Sport & FUN

This is the most revolutionary idea of the manufacturer, which is to gain him new fans among the youngest age group of caravanning fans. It is not without reason that the caravan gained an attractive paint color. However, its greatest advantage is to be the unique interior arrangement, which is to guarantee the ease of transporting large and oversized equipment (e.g. windsurf boards). Contrary to typical caravans, the Sport & FUN model, apart from the entrance door on the side, has a much wider rear body. This concept will allow you to place the most valuable equipment in the interior. The aerodynamically profiled front hides a double bed, under which there is the proverbial garage - a solution used in motorhomes. The possibilities of the Sport & FUN porter are therefore above average.

Knaus trailers during the Caravan Salon – image 1
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