Knaus Lifestyle - a caravan for families with children

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The vast majority of us, caravanning enthusiasts, are used to the classic approach of manufacturers to designing usable spaces of trailers. The Knaus company, presenting its single-axle model, breaks from known patterns and goes towards modern design - like architects responsible for the design of lofts.

Modern design

The single-axle chassis facilitates maneuvering on the camping field, which is over 7.5 meters long - with a drawbar ( 554 cm of the body's length) and a trailer. From the outside, the front stowage compartment for gas cylinders and touring accessories is striking. At the customer's request, in the Lifestyle model, the drawbar can be covered with a stylish plastic cover - while also hiding the elements of the overrun brake system. The rear part of the trailer was designed following the current trends of the automotive market - strongly marked LED lights are integrated into a prominent bumper.

Interior for four travelers

It has been known for a long time that it is impossible to find comfortable conditions for a large number of users in a small living space. Knaus in the Lifestyle model decided to make a tribute to families traveling with two children. To the delight of the youngest, the manufacturer decided to use a bunk bed , thus saving a lot of space inside.

The unusual layout of the interior may not seem very well thought out at first, but this impression disappears after the first real contact with the caravan. The entrance is located almost at the back, right next to a tightly enclosed toilet with a chemical toilet and a small washbasin . Spacious cabinets hang from the ceiling. Opposite, there is space for the aforementioned bunk beds equipped with an aluminum ladder, each of them has a separate curtain. The other two sleeping places are created after unfolding the couch in the front part of the trailer.

Equipment and functionality

On the right side of the entrance there is a kitchenette (equipped with numerous cabinets, a single-chamber sink and an induction cooker ), interestingly - perpendicular to the walls. Thanks to this layout, a functional island was created, and in addition, the person preparing the meal can perfectly see the seating part of the interior. A rectangular table is located just behind the kitchen area - from the side of the wall we have a comfortable bench for two people (there are longitudinal windows behind the back), while on the other - two stylish chairs . On the opposite side you will find a huge wardrobe, just in time for the exit wardrobe, and under it - traditionally - there is a central heating system .

The daily rest compartment is exceptionally glazed , the impression is enhanced by the strict interior design. Four people can easily fit on the couch, there is also a compact table at their disposal - in a night-time configuration, it supports one of the mattresses of the bed.

The Knaus Lifestyle trailer will certainly meet the high requirements of families with two children. Spacious cabinets, numerous lockers and family-friendly interior design speak for themselves. Price - 19,000 euros.

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