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Is it a tank? Is it an off-road car? Not! It's a caravan! It turns out that the trailer can also be given a military look, which will probably appeal not only to partisans, but also, for example, anglers and hunters.

If there is a caravan that can be said to be 100% male, this is the one - Adak. The American vehicle looks very austere from the outside, which is due not only to the paint color, rather typical for tanks. Angular shapes, off-road wheels, black painted metal elements - virtually every detail of this vehicle can evoke a male adventure.

Raw inside and out

This external austerity may be pleasing. I suspect, however, that the interior will arouse more extreme emotions. Of course, in this case, we can also be sure that no woman has applied to any element in the middle of her hand. Everything here is angular, gray-gray, raw to such an extent that one may wonder whether it is appropriate to talk about aesthetics here at all.

However, it is certainly comfortable - fold-out sofas , kitchen with a sink, microwave oven, shower, toilet ... Actually, there is everything you can expect from a caravan, plus something else - originality, which is more and more difficult in mass production.

And that's how it was supposed to be. In the opinion of Adak's constructors, the trailer is supposed to be a toy for "big boys", equipment for enthusiasts who do not want to have what everyone else has. People who sometimes want to get away from everyday life, go with their friends to the unknown or stray from the main route to less traveled routes should appreciate the opportunities offered by Adak.

Technique also matters

Although the caravan may seem a bit clunky, it is built using modern technologies, e.g. the side walls and the roof are made of a material containing glass fibers and have a honeycomb structure.

If the customer so wishes, the body can be additionally covered with an aluminum housing . Such a structure, in combination with double-glazed windows, should ensure good resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. As the designers assure, all trailer elements (including the hydraulic ones) have been adapted to difficult operating conditions.

The total length of the trailer is 716 cm , width - 259 cm, and height - 312 cm. Adak weighs 2,154 kg. The vehicle runs on mighty 31-inch wheels , so ideally it should be pulled by something taller than the Fiat Seicento.

As befits a trailer ready for expeditions into the unknown, the trailer is equipped with a 163-liter fresh water tank and a 135-liter gray water tank. All lighting of the trailer is made in LED technology. The equipment includes, among others smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and a control panel full of buttons.

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