Motorhome insurance for rental companies

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Anyone who has encountered the vehicle rental industry at least once knows how dynamically it works. Cars, campers and trailers are in constant use by customers.

The characteristic feature of motorhomes is that they fulfill dreams of free travel. So it is not just a simple vehicle rental, but a peaceful holiday with a guarantee of protection for both the rental company as a motorhome owner and tenant.

Motorhome insurance

As a standard, vehicles used by rental companies should be covered by the obligatory third-party liability insurance of Motor Vehicle Owners. In this risk, it should also be noted at the policy conclusion stage that the vehicle will be rented for a short term. An element of third party liability insurance is the so-called Green Card, i.e. third party liability insurance outside the territory of the European Union.

Another element is Autocasco, i.e. insurance against the risk of loss or damage. It is important that while, in principle, Autocasco covers the risk of vehicle theft, most often they do not cover the so-called the risk of misappropriation. This is the case when the vehicle is not returned to the lessor by the lessee. Theft of a vehicle that has been previously appropriated by the tenant is also treated as appropriation.

NNW - this is an additional insurance that allows the payment of funds in the event of damage to health or death of the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Most often, it is concluded for an amount not exceeding PLN 20,000, so in the case of minor injuries, the amounts are also small.


It is an additional insurance that allows you to provide emergency assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown or accident.

As a rule, it includes:

  • on-site repair of the vehicle
  • towing the vehicle
  • replacement vehicle
  • accommodation for passengers or cover the cost of return to the place of residence.

Auto windshield

It is true that all motorhome windshields are insured under auto-insurance, but you can also buy the so-called auto glass. In the case of motorhomes, this insurance applies only to windows shared with delivery vehicles or only to the windshield.

In the event of its damage, the insurer will replace the glass with a replacement, and at the same time will not include it as a damage that would affect the insurance valuation in the next year. However, it should be remembered that many insurers do not take into account glazing damage only if the insured is renewed with them.

Insurance costs

Insurance costs are always too high. In fact, they depend on the way the vehicle is used (increases for the rental company), the customer's claim history and his personal profile.

While we have no influence on the type of use and the personal profile (i.e. the mathematical risk estimate calculated for a person / company), it is possible to try to control the loss ratio. The basic tool is a deposit that covers less damage.

The topic of deposit insurance appears many times on this occasion. It is available on the market, for example as an extension of travel insurance. However, this product may have negative effects from the rental companies' point of view. A customer who has no responsibility takes less care of the vehicle, which in turn may lead to the return of damaged vehicles and their exclusion from use for the time of repair.

CampRest Insurance offer for motorhome rentals

  • Package based on a fleet agreement prepared together with PZU:
  • Civil liability PLN 1100
  • AC 2% of the value of the vehicle or 3% including the misappropriation clause.
  • As part of the AC, there is an additional limit of 10% of the value of the vehicle for its towing after an accident.
  • Assistance for the rental company
  • Travel insurance with deposit protection option
  • Possibility of windshield insurance under the Auto Glass insurance (not applicable to integr)

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