Motorhomes and trailers "on the spot" always with attractive financing

Motorhomes and trailers "on the spot" always with attractive financing – main image

Is the crisis related to the lack of availability of camping vehicles already behind us? You could say yes. The Poznań dealer's yard, Hymer Poznań, has been systematically filling up since the beginning of the year, and the new brand is Burstner - both in terms of family caravans and campers. It is also worth mentioning the promotional leasing of 102.9 and 103.9 percent.

Burstner Poznań - now available!

A lot has changed since the beginning of the year when it comes to Hymer Poznań's offer. First of all, it is worth mentioning the new product, the Burstner brand. It is a long-standing, highly recognized manufacturer of both campers and caravans in the caravanning world.

Burstner Poznań

This is another, one might say, natural step in our cooperation with Erwin Hymer Group. The Burstner brand has been in the minds of customers for many years - the first vehicles left the German factory at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. Today, their design is so original that it is difficult to confuse this brand with any other available on the market - says Andrzej Bloch, president of the management board of Hymer Poznań.

The Poznań dealer's yard is already filled with Burstner camping vehicles. Among them it is worth mentioning, among others: semi-integrated cars based on a modern Mercedes with automatic transmission. These are 4-person units, quite compact, but above all, eye-catching mainly due to their color combinations. "Warm" colors dominate, making us feel at home inside.

A good example is Burstner Lyseo M Harmony Linę 690. Powerful, 170-horsepower Mercedes engine, "automatic", total length not exceeding 7 meters and a very original appearance - both external and internal. This is a recipe for a perfect camper that will certainly find its supporters - adds our interlocutor.

However, Burstner is not only about campers. These are also caravans that have also arrived at the Hymer Poznań square.

We focused on proven, family, multi-person arrangements. Selected trailers offer up to 7 sleeping places. Importantly, all models are very light. For example, I can mention the Premio 455 (1,360 kilograms GVM) or the Premio Life 490 (also 1,360 kilograms).

Each trailer has heating, an air circulation system and a huge refrigerator. These units are fully ready for even the furthest journeys!

Caravanning in the premium version? It's just Hymer and Eriba!

Invariably, Hymer Poznań offers top-shelf campers and caravans.

Fortunately, the situation with the chassis has definitely improved, and we can see the effect on our yard. We have various versions of Hymer campers available right away. Semi-integrated cars, full integrated cars and even our "raisin", the Hymer Free S 600 in a very non-standard blue color. The Mercedes chassis dominates, which fits perfectly with the Hymer body - comments Andrzej Bloch.

Interestingly, customers are increasingly choosing vehicles with a Gross Weight above 3.5 tons. In such campers, the load capacity is often close to one ton, and at the same time the factory equipment is a real "top"! Suffice it to mention the double floor (all-season vehicle!), hydraulic supports and ALDE heating.

Hymer Eriba Touring 542

Eriba caravans are of a similar standard. There are no more original "houses on wheels" that stand out on the market in terms of design. The customer can choose them according to personal preferences. Something small, light, but very stylish? Eriba Touring 542. Something larger, family-friendly, but still short with an opening tent roof? Eriba Feeling 425!

Customers appreciate not only our vehicles, but also the level of service. We have expanded our staff - both service and sales staff. We have introduced many changes, such as a voice switchboard and one main telephone number. In addition to sales, we provide service, retrofitting, financing and we also have an accessories store . In short: I don't like this word, but we are a "caravanning center" - adds the president of the management board of Hymer Poznań.

There has never been such leasing for campers and trailers before!

Campervan leasing

If you are wondering how to finance the purchase of a new camper or trailer, it is worth considering the leasing option. Unfortunately, recently interest rates have virtually completely "killed" this form of financing. Hymer Poznań, in cooperation with Erwin Hymer Group, decided to find a remedy for this problem.

We have introduced a very attractive leasing for the purchase of all new campers and caravans available in our offer. The interest rate for motorhomes is 103.9% and for trailers - 102.9%. All this with a down payment of 45%. This means one thing: you can leave our showroom with a new house on wheels for less than half of its value shown on the invoice - says Andrzej Bloch.

All financing options offered by Hymer Poznań are available from Advisors.

New camper or caravan? Hymer Poznań!

If you are looking for a new camper or caravan and want to equip it or service your vehicle, there is one answer : #HymerPoznań

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