Polish Caravanning Group Association with a new president of the board and an action plan for 2021-2022

Polish Caravanning Group Association with a new president of the board and an action plan for 2021-2022 – main image

On April 29, the General Assembly of the members of the Polish Caravaning Group Association took place. SPGC members selected a new president and agreed on a new action plan for the organization for the next two years. Other topics discussed include excise duty for built-up vehicles in Poland and a plan to promote caravanning through rallies and other events.

New PGC management and goals

The first issue at the General Meeting of the Polish Caravaning Group Association was the election of a new President of the Management Board of the organization. The position after the outgoing Joanna Woźnica was taken by Dariusz Wawrzyniak, previously a member of the SPGC audit committee, associated with the industry for 10 years by organizing the Caravanning Salon at the Poznań Motor Show, the Caravans Salon Poland fair and the 13th edition of the National Caravanning Rally.

PGC action plan for 2021-2022

Another important topic was the discussion of the organization's action plan and strategic goals for the next two years. Further activities of the SPGC will be a continuation of the previous course along with the expansion of the promotion of the caravanning culture in Poland, through motorhome rallies organized at events and events that are not strictly industry-related and related to caravanning, but their subject matter can be creatively linked with the camping culture. Travel safety and participation in actions and events that promote responsible driving and behavior while traveling will play an important role in the further work of the association.

A separate item on the agenda was the further coordination of the industry's talks on changes in excise duties, which in recent weeks have caused a great stir on the market. The Association will continue to fight for the industry to obtain more benefits or exemptions in this matter, in addition to the moratorium period, which will allow for the real development of Polish producers and an increase in the competitiveness of their products on the domestic market.

The Association will inform about the details of the next activities in the coming weeks in the next announcements.

Contact for media:

Dariusz Wawrzyniak

Chairman of the Board

Polish Caravanning Group Association

The Polish Caravanning Group Association was established in 2019 on the initiative of many people from the industry, including vehicle dealers, manufacturers of special camping vehicles, exhibitors, representatives of RV rental companies and the media. Our model for many years are European organizations. Our activity focuses on the needs of the caravanning and camping industry in Poland, which determines its effectiveness. It is important for the Polish Caravanning Group Association that its members will be small, medium and large companies and individuals.


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