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The fair in Poznań may not have eclipsed the events to which we have become accustomed in recent years, but for those planning purchases or contracts, it was an opportunity to meet distributors face to face and see new products on offer in such a difficult "pandemic" year. For the participants of the rally , the event was, in turn, an excellent opportunity to longed for integration with the caravanning brother. There were a few important players on the market among the exhibitors, but this does not mean that the condition of the industry is weakening, which is growing stronger due to the pandemic and related restrictions. Below are some impressions and a presentation of some of the novelties presented.

Adria - news


The Elcamp Group presented the new Adria products - for the first time in Poland, you could admire the phenomenal Astella model, a model offering amazing aesthetic experiences, spacious and by all means extraordinary. The Adora series has a new rear with predatory LED lights, stabilizing side spoilers at the front, as well as a front panoramic roof window and a Bluetooth sound system as standard. Among the "motorhome" novelties of Adria for 2021, it is worth paying attention to the refreshed Adria Matrix + line, where we can find a double floor, a clean water tank shifted to the front of the vehicle, or a completely changed system of lifting the bed from a scissor to cables with a guiding mechanism. The Matrix model also features a convenient solution in the wardrobe under the rear beds - the wardrobe is opened with an electric actuator. From next year, the base Axess model will also be available on the basis of the Fiat Ducato . The models of SunLiving , Adria's budget brand, will also be available on the Fiat or Citroen base in 2021.

Caravaning vs. Covid-19


When getting acquainted with the novelties, it was impossible not to ask how this year looked from the brand's perspective. “Due to Covid-19 , the market froze until mid-April, but what happened after April 20, along with the frostbite, can only be described as an explosion. We were in a favorable position because we used the time of uncertainty to buy inventory of vehicles from other dealers. Our sales increase year on year is 100%. Even the processing capacity for the entire year 2021 has already been exhausted, we are no longer able to order vehicles ”- says Karol Paszta, brand manager of Adria / SunLiving. However, Elcamp is also associated, and by some primarily with the Globe-Traveler brand. In Poznań, next to the "bicycle" Pathfinder Z, the Voyager XS model in the ERGO DESIGN version was presented. The phenomenal design, which was contributed to by the cooperation with the prestigious Krakow studio, is not everything - next year we can expect several new solutions and improvements, such as overlays on the covers from the sink and cooker, an additional revision flap at the top of the gas cylinder compartment (you can screw cylinder without removing your luggage) or new, more durable lithium-ion batteries. The record number of orders for new "Globes" is confirmed by Mariusz Trela, brand manager, adding that the first possible delivery dates for new customers are only the end of 2021.

Wavecamper - camper-vans from Poznań


The Wavecamper company from Wielkopolska, which is very successful on the Polish and foreign markets, presented its latest proposals in the field of bodies based on VW T6.1 in the short and long version. In addition to the renewed interior colors, the manufacturer offers a higher standard of equipment and amenities such as an induction charger or additional USB sockets. In vehicles based on VW, a 2-burner stove with gas installation and a 1.7 kg cylinder is offered as an alternative to gas cartridges. An important and noteworthy novelty in the manufacturer's portfolio is also a new motorhome based on Renault Traffic in the Long version with a sleeping roof. Recently, the company has been authorized by Renault Polska, which means that "Renówki" with a Wavecamper body are already available at dealers throughout the country. "We perceive the development very positively this year, the company is increasing its production capacity by 100%, and further investments and development are planned," says Karol Szymański, creator of the Wavecamper brand.

Extreme light camper from Niesmann + Bischoff


The star of the fair in Poznań was undoubtedly the widely discussed i-Smove by Niesmann + Bischoff . The new "NiBi" is an extremely interesting proposition in the segment of integrated vehicles in the weight category up to 3.5 tons. M-CAMP from Dzierżoniów , which presents this hot novelty, has been distributing the brand for a short time, but it sees the potential and wants to develop also in the premium market segment. “Until now, there has been no representative of Niesmann + Bischoff in Poland, and from the very beginning of our adventure with this brand, we have noticed enormous interest. Even the show cars from the top Arto and Flair series sell stump, even the demonstration cars. The brand is an undisputed determinant not only in terms of design, but also quality and customer service, ”assures Marcin Pierzchlewicz, CEO of the company. At the M-CAMP stand, you could see many interesting new products, also from the RAPIDO brand - integrated with the new Nacarat furniture decor and varnished fronts, new shapes of kitchen furniture, or 32 ”rotating televisions. In addition to Rapido M-CAMP, it also showed the more "budget" sister brand Itineo and compact Dreamer vehicles based on the Ford Transit L2H1 offering a driving space for up to 6 people, a lifting roof, and even a toilet and shower cubicle, which in this class of vehicles is a rare solution encountered.

Luxurious campers


The biggest cruisers - 2 Morelo presented by Camel-Camp and 2 Concorde at the CC Kutno stand are slowly becoming regular guests at the showrooms. Since this is not the first trade fair event where such vehicles are presented, it can be presumed that "ultra-premium" brands also find buyers without much difficulty in the country on the Vistula River.

PGC - ambitious plans of the association


The development of the industry is also reflected in the activities undertaken by the " Polska Grupa Caravaningowa " association, whose president - Joanna Woźnica during the presentation presented the directions of development and activities for the coming years. The association undertakes a number of activities aimed at expanding the infrastructure, providing advice and concluding agreements with, for example, networks of gas stations in the country. Focusing on key and important issues such as the amount of excise duty on vehicles or the problem of temporary vehicle registration is as important as consolidating the market and defining common goals for the distributors and manufacturers of recreational vehicles. Presence at fairs, lobbying in appropriate institutions and broadly understood promotion of this form of spending free time are the main tools that the Association wants to achieve these ambitious goals.

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