Rally Venice - Beijing: motorhomes are still in demand !!!

Rally Venice - Beijing: motorhomes are still in demand !!! – main image

The Venice-Beijing Rally, which will start on June 19, will probably be the longest rally in the history of the Polish automotive industry. And also one of the most unusual: with sections like on the Dakar, sometimes for visiting tourist attractions and the age profile of participants from 7 to 70 years old. Last Saturday, the organizers and originators - Wiesław Cholewa and Przemysław Osuchowski, encouraged people to participate in this adventure of life in the TVP3 program "Men's Zone".

Both gentlemen told, inter alia, where did their passion for traveling and the idea for the rally route come from, as well as how it will be organized and what its participants can expect from it.

Every day rewards

The expedition is to be a rally, but not a race. The elements of the competition will ensure that each day, in the evening time, a specific GPS point is set at which the participants are to present themselves the next evening. They will get there by different routes, depending on what vehicle they chose for the rally (4x4, regular car, campervan).

The winners of individual stages can count on small prizes funded by the rally sponsors: www.glass4cars.pl - a platform that allows you to easily compare windshield prices, as well as check prices for their replacement in various websites and arrange an online date, and Fuyao Group - currently the third largest producer automotive glass in the world.

Through the Takla Makan desert, with stops for sightseeing

One of the greatest attractions of the rally for 4x4 drivers will be a ride through the Takla Makan desert. The episodes from this stage of the rally are to resemble those known from the Dakar Rally. Drivers of other vehicles will complete this stage of the rally along the highway that runs along the desert.


The organizers also planned time to visit the greatest tourist attractions that participants of the rally will encounter on their route. The list includes items such as: Shaolin Monastery, Great Wall of China, Terracotta Army, Rainbow Mountains.

Campers are still in demand

At the moment, most of the rally participants entered are drivers of 4x4 vehicles as well as regular cars. So far, no motorhome driver has registered. Therefore, the organizers of the rally encourage, in particular, motorhomes to register their willingness to participate in this expedition. As they assure, the obstacle is neither age nor gender. Everyone can take part in the rally, which is confirmed by the current age range of participants, ranging from 7 to 70 years.

Additional information about the rally, as well as the possibility to apply for participation in it (by the end of March this year), is available at: www.wenecja-pekin.pl .

The full interview with the organizers of the rally can be viewed at: https://regiony.tvp.pl (from 13:06 minutes).

Rally Venice - Beijing: motorhomes are still in demand !!! – image 1
Rally Venice - Beijing: motorhomes are still in demand !!! – image 2

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