Registration report for motorhomes and caravans in 2021

Registration report for motorhomes and caravans in 2021 – main image

The Polish Automotive Industry Association and the Polish Caravanning Group present a registration report for new and used campers and caravans in 2021 based on data from the Central Vehicle Register.

Caravanning is growing in strength

In the last quarter of 2021, the very dynamic development of the caravanning market in Poland continued. In the group of new motorhomes, growth was + 31.8% y / y, after three-digit increases in the first (+ 157.8% y / y) and second quarter (+ 136.5% y / y) and double-digit increases in the third (+ 59.4%). This allowed the end of last year in the motorhomes category with a total of 2,242 new registrations. It was a level almost twice as high as in 2020 (+ 92.3%, + 1,076 items). In individual quarters of I-IV last year. 415, 932, 518 and 377, respectively, were added.


In the category of new caravans, 1,044 units were registered throughout 2021, which translated into an increase by 84.8% (+479 units). 157 items were added in the last quarter, ie 96.3% more than in the same period a year earlier. Only the third quarter of last year brought a calmer growth (+ 10.6% y / y), but the basis for comparison was high after the earlier dynamic development of this part of the caravanning market in autumn 2020 (+ 157.5%). In 2021, the market of new camping trailers developed most dynamically in the first and second quarter and then increased by 161.4% and 115.9% y / y, respectively.


The market of imported used motorhomes also continued to grow, but a slight weakening of the upward trend is visible. In the last quarter, 340 used motorhomes (motorhomes) were added - exactly the same number as in the same period last year. While in the first two quarters of last year this part of the market grew relatively dynamically (+ 66.1% y / y and 58.9% y / y), while in the third (-16% y / y) it slowed down after the growth in autumn (+ 53.2%) 2020. seasonal peak last year it returned to its place in the second quarter, and a year earlier it was moved to the third as a result of the pandemic. In total, in 2021, 2 013 used motorhomes were registered for the first time in Poland (an increase by 354 units and 21.3%).


A similar trend is visible on the market of used caravans , which was recorded in the fourth quarter of last year. deceleration by 13.4% y / y after a drop of 23.5% y / y in the third one. As in the case of imported used motorhomes, the seasonal peak in the group of used caravans fell in the second quarter after the one-year shift to the third quarter in 2020. The entire last year of 2021 closed with an increase by 5.5%, to the level of 7,743 items (more by 404 items).


In terms of the countries of origin, in the case of imported motorhomes, the leaders remain unchanged: Germany (803 units) and France (449 units). Belgium (123) and the Netherlands (114) came third and fourth. The overall import (from the EU and from outside the EU) of used motorhomes in 2021 was higher by 21.3% (an increase by 354 units).


In the countries of origin of the imported used caravans, the first five places remained unchanged, compared to the data for the third quarters of 2021. The total increase in imports in this group of vehicles amounted to 5.5% (an increase by 404 units).


Jakub Faryś, president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association, says: “A very good year is behind us, because despite the problems with semiconductors and sometimes limited access to car chassis, the increase in registrations of new and used motorhomes and trailers continued. This is of course a joy and allows us to hope that the upward trend in the caravanning industry will continue in the coming years. "

Sebastian Klauz, vice president of PGC, publisher of the Polski Caravaning magazine. He commented: “As expected, the year ended with an almost 100% increase in the registrations of new motorhomes and a little less in the case of caravans. Such increases have so far been considered in the dream category. An unusual phenomenon is the smaller number of registered motorhomes used in relation to new ones, which is certainly due to their lower availability on foreign markets. I hope that such a good economic situation in the caravanning industry will not be spoiled by galloping prices and problems with the availability of vehicles in factories. This growth trend will be supported by the developing caravanning infrastructure and the emerging professional services. One thing is for sure - Poles liked caravanning ”.

About PZPM

The Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM) is the largest Polish organization of employers in the automotive industry, currently associating 57 companies: manufacturers and representatives of manufacturers of motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and body manufacturers in Poland. PZPM is a member of the European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers ACEA, the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers ACEM and the European Association of Bodywork, Trailer and Semi-trailer Manufacturers - CLCCR. He represents the interests of member companies in contacts with administrative bodies in Poland and Europe, the media, trade unions, other industry organizations and the entire society.

About PGC

The Polish Caravanning Group Association was established in 2019 on the initiative of many people from the industry, including vehicle dealers, manufacturers of special camping vehicles, exhibitors, representatives of RV rental companies and the media. Our model for many years are European organizations. It is the largest Polish organization with this profile. The activity focuses on the needs of the caravanning and camping industry in Poland.

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