Hymer Exsis-i - a toddler for ambitious people

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When we see an integrated motorhome, we think, "Oh! This vehicle is definitely big and spacious. " However, in the case of Hymera Exsis-i, we may feel a bit disappointed. The shortest model is only 599 cm long, which is the same as some camper vans!

Producers are outdoing each other in finding new niches on the market. And this is probably the most important reason why gems such as Hymer Exsis-i are available for sale. Dimensions like the Fiat Ducato, but the look of the liner. And since the neighbor does not notice the difference and even being an expert on motorhomes, it is easy to confuse Exsis-i with Hymerami of higher classes, why overpay;).


Spaciousness for two

This is obviously a joke, but there is supposedly a bit of truth in every joke. The Exsis-i combines several important elements with higher models, such as a panoramic windshield for great visibility , narrow side pillars, large mirrors, and even an engine hatch allowing easy access to bulbs and fluid tanks. Those who have already had the opportunity to drive this model also confirm that the motorhome is very well soundproofed . Interestingly, the door is normally opened with a traditional key (without a remote control), which is probably a nod to greater security.

What distinguishes the smallest Hymer integrated from the higher models is the modest spaciousness of the interior, even in the 664 cm or 699 cm models. It is probably better only in the longest model, measuring 749 cm . The internal width of each variant is 222 cm.

To be more precise, I must admit that the interior will be sufficient for two people, but with four people (and the manufacturer predicted that number of passengers), being on board together may be uncomfortable. Let's take a look at the photo - can you imagine four adults eating dinner at this table?


A few disadvantages - lots of advantages

When looking for flaws, you can also stick to a few open shelves - it's better to move their contents elsewhere before going on a trip. The trash bin integrated with the door may also be a downside. That is, its existence is an advantage, but the fact that it cannot be removed (even to empty it) is a certain inconvenience. And the bathroom - unfortunately, in three of the five versions the shower is integrated with the toilet part . This not very convenient solution is, of course, justified given the dimensions of the vehicle.

But when it comes to disadvantages, that's probably all, because Hymer Exsis-i has definitely more advantages. And this even in seemingly minor matters. For example, matt table tops and tables are easy to keep clean. The foldable top next to the gas stove allows you to easily expand the space for preparing meals. There are numerous USB sockets in the car, and the large navigation screen also displays the status of the on-board equipment. In addition, the motorhome is equipped with effective heating, including the garage.

Since we are at the garage, it is worth mentioning that the door to it (99 x 108 cm) is on both sides of the vehicle. Inside, however, we find additional lighting and deep shelves for small items. From the outside of the vehicle you will find access to gas cylinders that can be pulled out on a convenient "tray". From the outside, we also have access to the sewage tank , while the water tank is inside, in the floor glove box.


Another advantage is the load capacity , which in the shortest model is as much as 800 kg , and in the longest - 570 kg, of course in the versions with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons. It is a pity that the hail-resistant GFK roof coating requires an additional payment ...


Hymer Exsis-i is a modern, comfortable and thoughtful motorhome for those who dream of a "full integrated", but their budget is a bit different than what would be needed to buy a large "liner". The good news is that if they're traveling with two people or with small children, the smallest integrated Hymer will be fine for them. However, you have to bear in mind that the Exsis-i is not as spacious as you would expect from the outside.

The price is also not a bargain, but well, it's Hymer. And you have to pay for the brand - in this case, at least 67.5 thousand. euro .

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