Dutch house - an alternative to a trailer?

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A Dutch house, an English house, or a modern modular house is an interesting alternative to more mobile solutions, such as campers and caravans. If you have a piece of land in a charming place and you like to spend your days off in this one place, perhaps this option is for you.

Dutch houses are often offered by the same companies that sell camping vehicles. It is true that such a house can also be transported relatively easily, but let's be honest, it expresses a completely different approach to relaxation.

It's hard to imagine someone traveling around the world with such a house. A house may be a good solution mainly for people who have their own plot in an attractive place or use someone else's plot temporarily and therefore cannot build a house permanently.

What to expect?

Dutch and English houses differ only slightly in their equipment and appearance, so this distinction is currently not important.

A new house costs around 50-100 thousand. PLN , which is why used houses are very popular, available at prices from PLN 10,000. zloty . Such a house can be equipped similarly to a trailer. We can usually buy it with all the equipment (including gas, water and sewage installations) and furniture. Placing it on a plot does not require a building permit .

Compared to a trailer or camper, dimensions may be an advantage. Popular cottages usually have an area of 20 to 40 square meters . Therefore, in the house we can count on more space in the living room, kitchen and bathroom compared to a typical camping vehicle. Some cottages even have several bedrooms . Year-round houses differ from seasonal ones in that they have heating (gas or electric) and are better insulated.

Used Dutch house

What should you pay attention to when buying a Dutch or English house? Certainly for the price. Especially since it may turn out to be different than expected if we do not take into account transport costs . When comparing prices, consider all ingredients.

Used houses require additional attention. The biggest problem may be their susceptibility to corrosion , so it is worth examining the house carefully before purchasing it, both inside and outside.

We should be concerned about any symptoms of rust or rot . The walls and ceiling should be clean - traces of fungus or moisture should be immediately considered unacceptable. Particular attention should be paid to the corners, as this is where it is easiest to find unpleasant surprises. All installations should be tested before purchase.

Modular bedroom

Other types of houses, e.g. modular houses, are also an interesting solution.

Thanks to the use of materials such as fiber-cement boards , composite terrace boards, or aluminum joinery with double glazing, the finished module looks very modern. All installation elements (such as gutters) are carefully hidden and therefore invisible from the outside. Large windows and flat surfaces give the house the impression of a designer apartment.

How much does such luxury cost? The Polish company Smart Mod offers modules with sizes from 25 to 50 meters at prices from approx. PLN 70,000. zloty . The module equipped with heating can be used all year round, but in this case, as in the case of Dutch houses, you do not need to apply for a building permit.

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