The second edition of the "Polish Campers & Caravans Conference" conference tomorrow in Poznań!

The second edition of the "Polish Campers & Caravans Conference" conference tomorrow in Poznań! – main image

On October 21, the largest caravanning fair in Poland begins - Caravans Salon Poland (October 21-23, 2022), and with them the Polish Campers & Caravans Conference 2022.

“We are meeting tomorrow in Poznań during the annual celebration of the industry, which is Caravans Salon Poland. We are proud that, as the largest organization in the country, we can make our contribution and promote our passion, our native producers, and thus our market. Despite the more difficult times, we are convinced that thanks to the initiative of the conference and the fair, we will manage to get through this period with the best possible results, ”says Dariusz Wawrzyniak, President of PGC.

Among the panelists we will see, among others Jakub Farys (president of PZPM), Andrzej Zawiliński (CEO of Globe Traveler and Elcamp Group), Karol Szymanski (CEO Wavecamper), Tomasz Basiński (CEO Vannado). Additionally, vehicles and unique solutions of such brands as Allcamp, Globe Traveler, Wavecamper or Vannado will be presented in the form of interviews. All of them are of course our Polish productions.

The program of the Polish Campers & Caravans Conference 2022

13.00 - Opening of the Congress

13.05 - 13:40 - The export potential of Polish producers of motorhomes, caravans and motorhomes

  • Has the pandemic changed the main directions of exports?
  • Changes in exports in the last two years
  • Is Poland a good place for the production of motorhomes - legal environment, restrictions?

13.40 - 14.10 - Presentation of achievements and solutions of Polish producers part. 1

14.10 - 14.30 - Export prospects for the caravanning industry

  • Opportunities and threats for the export of Polish motorhomes and caravans
  • Can smaller producers compete with concerns?

14.30-14.50 - How to effectively sell Polish products outside Poland?

Expert debate

  • Is "Polishness" always an asset on foreign markets?
  • Proven marketing channels - do they exist?

14.50-15.10 - Barriers to enter foreign markets

  • Do barriers really exist?
  • Approvals on individual markets
  • The process of entering foreign markets through the eyes of practitioners

15.10-15.40 - Presentation of achievements and solutions of Polish producers part. 2

15.40-16.00 - Tools and services supporting export - how to use them?

  • Pro-export activities of governmental and industry organizations.
  • Co-financing of pro-export activities.

The conference will be held on the mezzanine of pavilion 5 of the Poznań International Fair. For people who will not be able to be present on site, we invite you to follow the transmission at .

The main partner of the conference is Grupa MTP - the organizer of Caravans Salon Poland and the Warsaw Caravaning Festival, the partner of Idea Getin Leasing - offering solutions for financing the purchase of caravans and motorhomes. In addition, and Polski Caravaning became media patrons, while the honorary patrons of the conference were the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Polish Automotive Industry Association, the Polish Motor Association and the Wielkopolska Automobile Club.

The event is co-financed by the Ministry of Development and Technology.

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