ViaTolla's successor with delays

ViaTolla's successor with delays – main image

The change announced by the Ministry of Finance in the way of handling and settling road tolls for cars over 3.5 tons encountered some technical obstacles. The entire electronics industry is currently facing the problem of the lack of availability of semiconductors and components for the production of the so-called "Boxes".

e-TOLL - problem with system startup

The new e-Toll system based on the application provided by the operator was to be launched in June, and the lack of operating devices poses a real threat to the legislator's plans.

Currently, feverish searches for alternative OBU suppliers (i.e. system devices provided by the operator) are underway. There are also talks about the involvement of the so-called ZSL ( external location systems ) based on other mobile devices. Although they are to perform the same functions, they enjoy much less trust among users - the study shows that only 11% of them would choose substitutes. The reluctance to such solutions is mainly due to the negative experiences of drivers from other countries where similar "hybrids" operate - for example from Hungary. Offenses resulting from possible device failures or errors burden the user's pocket, and proving innocence in court with the participation of experts may turn out to be time-consuming and costly.

We will have to wait for the details on the production capabilities of equipment suppliers. Within the next month, we should also learn about alternative scenarios that the legislator takes into account. We will inform you, dear users of large motorhomes, regularly about the development of the situation.

Maciej Kinal
Maciej Kinal

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