We know the date of next year's Caravans Salon Poland in Poznań

We know the date of next year's Caravans Salon Poland in Poznań – main image

This year's 3rd edition of Caravans Salon in Poznań turned out to be a success and was record-breaking in many respects. The largest number of exhibitors, almost twice the exhibition area, an increase in the number of visitors and participants of the Caravaing Rally. The number of premiere models of motorhomes and caravans was also impressive. All this took place in the unusual year 2020, which turned out to be a breakthrough for the caravanning industry in Poland. The fair in Poznań was the largest caravanning event that was organized this season and showed the potential of the industry in our country. We have just learned the date of the fair next year: Caravans Salon 2021 will be held on September 24-26, as usual at the Poznań International Fair.

The fair in Poznań is a summary of a successful season in the caravanning industry

According to the Samar institute report published in September, the sale and registration of new motorhomes and caravans in Poland exceeded the result of the entire 2019 after just 7 months. In this period, 708 motorhomes were registered in Poland (for the entire year 2019 it was 662). Such a number of registrations from January to August means a year-on-year increase by as much as 24.4%. Importantly, the data concern the period before the start of the autumn fair season, which is always fruitful in the caravanning industry and increases sales statistics. Equally optimistic data concern the segment of used caravans and motorhomes, in 2020 Poles imported 1,157 motorhomes from abroad, which, compared to the same period of 2019, means an increase of 23.3%. Last year's result was 1,282 for the whole year.

Caravans Salon Poland on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair turned out to be the largest caravanning industry fair that has been organized this year. The event in many respects confirmed the good condition of the industry and the above-mentioned optimistic sales data. The fair in Poznań boasts almost twice as much exhibition space as compared to previous editions and other records.

The 2020 edition was record-breaking for us in several respects. The great interest of exhibitors and visitors resulted in an almost twofold increase in the exhibition, where many more exhibitors presented their offer than in previous years. More than 200 presented vehicles and a wide range of accessories and advisory services in the field of caravaging and tourism could be seen at the fair. Additionally, during the autumn fair in Poznań, the exhibitors presented over 20 Polish premieres of motorhomes and caravans. - says Marta Szydłowska, Director of Caravans Salon Poland.

Premieres and news for 2021


The main attraction of the fair were, as every year, market premieres and presentations of new products for the 2021 season. Visitors could see as many as 21 of them this year, which is an unprecedented number compared to previous years. The premieres of two new brands on the Polish market were definitely the most popular:

- Condorde , a German brand of large, luxury motorhomes based on Iveco, which was presented at the dealer's plot: Kutno Camping Center. Visitors could see the flagship Credo Red Edition model and the very prestigious Charisma model with a dedicated garage for Smart 3.

- Niesmann + Bischoff - the m-Camp company, which is the official distributor of the German premium motorhome brand, presented the premiere of the iSmove model, which is the lightest vehicle in its class available on the market.


Visitors could also admire new products from well-known brands such as Benimar, Dethleffs, Rapido, Kanus or Hymer and from Polish producers. The Globe Traveler mentioned below and vehicles from Wavecamper or Balcamp are our export goods that are becoming more and more appreciated in Europe.

There was also a show of new caravans and motorhomes from market leaders. At the CarGO Group and Elcamp RV stands, you could see the latest Adria Astella and Adria Adora constructions as well as Hobby Prestige series trailers as well as Pilote and Globe Traveler cars.

Record-breaking Caravanning Rally, guest performances and a successful debut for Strefa Retro

The National Caravanning Rally, which accompanies the fair every year, also attracted many more teams than in previous years. About 190 teams decided to stay in their own camper at the fair (there were 120 in 2019). The rally area was also a big attraction for visitors to the fair, because you could see a full cross-section of motorhome vintages and brands, as well as proprietary, off-road vehicles and large motorhomes straight from the USA.

The attractions for visitors were supplemented by a special RETRO ZONE, which was prepared by collectors and enthusiasts of camping motorization. The show of classic and vintage cars was new at the Caravans Salon and attracted a large number of visitors.

On a specially prepared stage, meetings were held with invited guests - bloggers, travelers and authors of books on motorhome and travel. Also here, fair participants could choose from a rich program of lectures and presentations, and meet people who observe and follow on the Internet on a daily basis.

4th Edition of Caravans Salon Poland in September 2021

The next, fourth education of the caravanning fair in Poznań was planned for September 24-26, 2021. The organizers emphasize that they want to keep the fall deadline because of the perfect time to summarize the past season and to present new products in the offer of motorhomes and caravans for the next year. Caravans Salon is also a natural continuation of the European fair season, as the first event in Poland after the prestigious fair in Dusseldorf, which shape trends and are the most important arena for annual premieres for the industry (the German fair in Dusseldorf usually takes place at the end of August).

The caravanning market is gaining momentum, so the next year promises to be as successful as the current one. We are already working very hard on the development of the fair to make it more and more attractive for guests, partners and exhibitors with each subsequent edition. We plan to diversify the Caravans Salon with new thematic zones. We will also further develop the program of events so that the fair in Poznań is perceived by everyone as the most important caravanning festival in Poland. - emphasizes Dariusz Wawrzyniak, Director of the Automotive Fair Group at MTP.

Good forecasts for the industry for 2021 and a plan to continue the development of the caravanning fair in Poznań

2020 will be a record year for the industry. There is more and more interest in traveling with a motorhome or with a trailer, on your own terms, being fully independent and having a guarantee of safety, which is a very important aspect of every trip.


Will 2021 prove to be equally successful for the caravanning industry? There are many indications that this is a very likely scenario.

Buying a motorhome or caravan is often associated with the selection of the appropriate interior layout or other available personalizations, therefore, from the moment of the purchase decision to the implementation of such an order, it takes at least a few months. This is usually the case, but the great interest in vehicles this year meant that direct sales transactions "straight from the square", as dealers say, was a lot this season and the machinery of many caravanning centers was completely sold out, there were shortages and a lot of additional orders in factories. In a recent interview for the magazine Sukces Po Poznańsku, the owners of CarGO Group from Poznań, who are a significant player on the market, confirmed that the number of orders for 2021 already exceeds the numbers from this year.

The fair is also a good opportunity to buy or order a motorhome and caravan. It was no different on the occasion of the Caravans Salon, where every day more and more stickers were "sold" on display vehicles. Exhibitors also confirmed orders from the fair, with deadlines for the next year.

There are therefore many reasons to look at the caravanning market in Poland with great optimism. The next edition of Caravans Salon Poland in Poznań promises to be exciting and will be another opportunity to see new products, gain knowledge and configure your dream motorhome or caravan.

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