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The CMT 2017 tourism fair in Stuttgart is just coming to an end. 2,000 exhibitors from around 90 countries showed over 850 vehicles and countless tourist accessories. Especially for you, we have selected a few news and curiosities directly related to caravanning.

Dethfless C'joy

The new Dethfless C'joy caravan will go on sale at the end of March. The manufacturer has great hopes for it, because this vehicle is in line with the currently fashionable trend of light trailers, compact in size , and at the same time decorated in bright colors, which is to attract especially young customers. According to the manufacturer, C'joy is a great alternative to a used caravan or motorhome.


C'joy in each of the three available versions has been designed for a maximum of three people , although the most comfortable place to live in the caravan will be two people. Beds - depending on the chosen variant - can be separate or shared.

The cheapest model - 390 QSH - costs 11,190 euro (all prices in Germany), is 212 cm wide, 261 cm high and 493 cm long. Its load capacity is 215 kg, and the maximum permissible weight is 1100 kg (it can be extended as an option). The equipment includes, among others 90-liter fridge-freezer , heating and a 12-liter water tank.

The front and rear parts of the body, as well as the roof, are made of light, yet strong GRP material.

Pössls Campster

Those who are interested in the small dimensions and relatively inexpensive camper van should pay special attention to the Pössls brand. The manufacturer presented the Campster model during the fair (does the name refer to the word "hipster"?).

The vehicle was built on the basis of the Citroen SpaceTourer , but was additionally equipped with a large, lifting roof. The car is 199 cm high when the roof is down. Its length is 495 cm . In Poland, due to the excise tax, it may be particularly important that Campster is available with 1.6 and 2.0 liter engines with a power of 90 to 177 HP.


During everyday use, the Campster can be used in the same way as a regular van, carrying up to six people . Although the vehicle has a kitchen module with a sink and a 2-burner stove, this part can be easily removed, thanks to which we will increase the amount of available space inside.

However, when you want to go camping, Campster will positively surprise you with the number of storage compartments, the ability to move the seats on the rails, and finally, the ease with which the backrests can be transformed into a mattress . Two people can sleep on it. Two more can sleep "on the first floor", on the space -saving spring-plate mattresses (they are thinner than traditional ones).

The estimated price of the basic version is about 38 thousand. Euro , which makes Campster one of the cheapest motorhomes on the market.

Knaus Boxlife Saint & Sinner

Knaus showed an interesting version of the Boxlife camper van at CMT. The special version is called Saint & Sinner (saint and sinner). The most important distinguishing feature of this model is the white and red design both inside and outside. The modernly designed interior has curved lines and high-gloss furniture , but there is no trace of wood.

A motorhome based on Fiat Ducato is to be available for sale in late summer. A novelty in Stuttgart was a studio car, built on the chassis of the new Volkswagen Crafter . It is probably the first motorhome based on this model (produced only in Poland).


The "Volkswagen" Saint & Sinner measures 258 cm and is equipped with a two-liter engine with 140 hp . It has a double bed in the rear part of the cabin with a multi-layer foam mattress . The bed was placed quite high, thanks to which there was a lot of storage space under it. Passengers have access to: 90 liter fridge , 2-burner stove, toilet, sofa and folding table.

Hymer - special edition

Among the interesting models, it is worth mentioning the semi-integrated Hymer 60 . The basis for it is a Mercedes Sprinter with a 163 HP engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission. The dark walnut interior looks very elegant. An interesting fact is the table top, supposedly resistant to fingerprints .


The prices of the special edition of Hymera start from approx. 85 thousand. euro .

Terracamper for dogs

The Terracamper company, which makes the modular construction of the Volkswagen T6 and Mercedes Vito , showed a model created especially for those who cannot imagine their rest without the company of pets.


An integral part of the Dogscamper is a special "room" for dogs , limited by a wire mesh - the entire width of the vehicle. The playpen can be opened from two sides - both inside and outside the vehicle. The prices of such a motorhome start from about 50 thousand. euro .

ATC system linked to a smartphone

Of course, CMT is not only campers and caravans. The Al-Ko company presented, among others 2Link application that allows you to communicate via a smartphone with the ATC system, used to stabilize the caravan track .

The ATC itself ensures the caravan's stability at a critical moment. Now, however, the trailer owner can be kept informed when the trailer starts to lose its balance. It is enough to attach the phone to the holder on the windshield of the car, turn on the application and during the journey the program will display an appropriate message every time the ATC system needs to intervene.


The application is also equipped with a spirit level that will facilitate the correct stabilization of the caravan at the campsite. Thanks to the application, we can check if the trailer's chassis is perfectly parallel to the ground . Is it just a gadget or is it actually a useful tool? One thing is for sure, Al-Ko is trying to keep up with the trends.

And we will definitely come back to the new products shown in Stuttgart.

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